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Your Landing page and how it works

Your landing page is one of the most important pages in the PPS Software. This page is your ‘Appointments’ tab, for those users familiar with our Legacy Software. It holds all your appointment information, historical and current. This list is sorted by start date and can be adjusted at any time by using the Search Filter.

The default load view will show an appointment until it’s in an Approved or Completed status, with all three tasks having been completed.

An example of a fully managed appointment

There are three tasks that need to be done for an appointment to be considered fully managed. These tasks are:

  • Assign Sitters – Appointments cannot be approved unless there are sitters assigned to every visit. Appointments must be approved for sitters to take action on them.
  • Payment – Appointments cannot be charged or marked as paid unless they are approved.
  • Email – Allows you to send out Confirmation emails and easily see if this step has been completed.

As you complete each task, the corresponding tile will change to indicate that you have.

Why do these tasks?

Once all three tasks are completed, the appointment tile will no longer load on the default view, as it is considered fully managed and needs no more Administrative action. This will allow you to keep your landing page clutter free and viewing only the most recent and future appointments that need your attention.

I edited an appointment and two of the tiles turned grey – Why?

When you edit an appointment and make changes, Power Pet Sitter assumes that your clients, or your records, if you keep email records, would like to be notified of confirmed changes, as well as consume created credit or charge your client an additional amount, if you’ve added visits.