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What’s really changed?

Power Pet Sitter has updated many things in our software aside from the general look of it and we want to make a list here so you can be aware of what we’ve done!

The two largest changes that you should be aware of is the overhaul of the scheduling feature and the removal of a mobile application. Please be assured that we are still offering all of the mobile features that were previously provided; it’s all now contained inside the software!

General System updates:

  • Username functions – The New version of PPS has switched to an email address based username system. This allows for email validation and will make password resets simpler for all users.
  • Email Validation – When a Client registers or when an email address (your username) is updated, the software will send a validation email to that address. Once the email is validated, the change will be saved in the software.
  • No more registration by Zip code. The Zip code feature is gone, replaced with a ‘Coverage Area’ that will connect to our Independent Sitter feature. You can find out more about that and the PPSN here. Sitters can indicate their Coverage Area in their profile so the Admin can be aware of their range.
  • Added Instagram to our Social Media Options and removed Google Plus
  • Added Same Day scheduling as a possibility with Cut off Time custom to your time zone.
  • Added a Drag and Drop reordering feature for the Services Page
  • Primary Services can now indicate and be required to indicate which pet is receiving¬†the service.
  • Holiday Surcharges now only allow for a Dollar Amount, better allows edit and functionality to keep your holiday list ‘clean’ of past holidays.
  • Added in System Notifications for Admin to set an auto populating¬†a message on Sitters and/or Client’s landing page.
  • Authorize Keys and QBO connection is now held ‘Accounts and Connections’
  • Added a function tip line in scheduler
  • Updated the Key Audit and added key change history
  • Altered Exports to export to CSV, Comma Separated Values. This file type works with Excel and Numbers, as well as many other programs that handle such file types.
  • Expanded Client Report Engine options to include
    • Client Status – Active or Inactive
    • Has Primary/Secondary Assigned Sitter – Allows you to select a sitter and find the clients assigned to them
    • Registered Between Dates
    • Has Credit Card on file – Yes or no
    • Has Credit Balance – Yes or no
    • Has Saved Custom Rates – Yes or no
    • Has Active Recurring Appointments – Yes or no
    • With total revenue – allows you to find clients that have a certain amount of minimum revenue with you.

Client Changes:

  • Added Client ability to Rate and Review Sitter after a visit
  • Allowed Clients to see their credit balance
  • Added Credit balance information, when it is consumed, to confirmation emails.
  • Allow Clients to cancel an individual visit once an appointment has started, based on the businesses set Scheduling restrictions
  • Added GPS information, if collected from Sitter, to the Client’s ‘Your Visit has been completed’ email.

Sitter Changes:

  • Marking Visits as complete, or checking out now has an ‘Are you Sure’ prompt.
  • No more Mobile App – Everything that sitters did on the app before is available from their mobile browser – from GPS collection (if so allowed and enabled), Key and Access Codes, Chat, ect.
  • Added Pictures to the Chat function
  • Added a stable notification bell to allow quick access to chats

The new Power Pet Sitter is stored and run on Amazon Web Services. This allows for a much faster responsiveness and a better assurance that services will always be available, regardless of things like inclement weather. It also continues to assure that PPS remains PCI Compliant moving forwards.

We will continue to make improvements and additions to the software – This list reflects the largest initial changes to Power Pet Sitter.

Updated on February 9, 2022

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