Visit Tab Overview

Visit Tab:

The visit tab is something that every staff member of Power Pet Sitter has access to. Administrators can choose to run this for all the staff members as well.

Visits Closed

Show New Visits:

When you schedule an appointment, you’ll notice that each visit will bear a golden yellow bar across the top.This means that the assigned sitter has not yet confirmed that visit. When they do, that bar will turn white.Unconfirmed Visit

Upon hitting ‘New Visits’ in the Visits tab, you and your sitters will see every visit assigned to you.

Visits Open

This will function the same way as marking visits off as complete. Select the visits you want to confirm – Hit ‘Mark checked visits as confirmed’.  Visits in appointments that are confirmed will show like this: Confirmed Visit

Show Uncompleted Visits:

In order for a sitter to be ‘paid’ for a visit, that visit MUST be marked as complete. Visits that are not marked as complete are not calculated into the Service Summary Report. In order to mark a visit as complete, click on ‘Show Uncompleted Visits’. This will populate a list of every appointment up to the current date. Completed

Simply select the visits you want to mark as complete and click ‘Mark Checked Visits as complete’.

Updated on June 8, 2018

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