Staff Reports

The Staff Reports, found in theĀ Reports Tab, allow you to run a Service Summary Report, send a mass email to your staff, or to see a Sitter Time Off Schedule.

Service Summary Report

This is a report that every sitter profile has, regardless of their permissions. This report can count as payroll, as it only collects Completed visits. Visits that are not completed will not populate on this report. Admin can run this report for a specific sitter, for themselves, or for the business in whole. Below is an example from an Admin’s view.

Staff Report Engine

The Staff Report Engine very closely echos the Client Report Engine, in that it lets you search for Sitters who have worked a zipcode and had a visit between a date range. You can export this list as well, or send out a mass e-mail to your sitters.

Sitter Time Off Schedule

This page is also accessible via a link on the ‘Staff Schedule’ page. Sitter’s names are underlined, meaning you can click on a name and be redirected to that Sitter’s profile for any changes that you might need to make.

Updated on May 9, 2018

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