Staff Permissions

Depending on your business model and the help that you have, you may decide to give your sitters permissions to access more of the site and information. Below details out each permission and what it does for a sitter.

  • Approve Appointments – Allows Sitter with this permission to access Scheduler via the App tab. If sitter is Primary/Secondary, allows sitter to ‘manage’ Approved and Unapproved appointments. No other Scheduling access.
  • Hide Appt Notes – Hides the Appointment Notes box, found inside the Manage Appointment page.
  • Schedule Appt – Sitter can see ‘Schedule’ button for ONLY THE CLIENTS THAT THEY ARE PRIMARY/SECONDARY for. Can also see Manage Button – Can manage Approved/Unapproved visits. No access to Approval Button.
  • Can Search/Edit All Client Profiles – Can search/edit/add  to all Client Profiles – Can also Schedule for all Clients. Is dropped into the Manage page after scheduling; No access to the Approve Button.
  • Can search and edit ALL sitter profiles – Can search/edit/add to all Sitter Profiles; no access to Permissions Box. Can Login as other Sitters.
  • View Staff Schedule – Allows Staff to see Staff Schedule with pricing totals, gives access to Staff Calendar
  • Hide Pricing total – Hide Pricing totals in the Staff Schedule page and pricing totals from any ‘Review My Appointments’ page.
  • Report Engine – Gives Staff full access to Reports page, including Financial reports.
  • Process CC/Invoice – Allows staff to access CC tab in order to charge credit cards.
  • Receive CC E-mails – Allows staff to receive the system generated e-mail in regards to CC batch.
  • Manager Permissions – Gives Staffer full access to everything, EXCEPT Financial reports. Still able to access non-financial reports. Cannot see pricing totals on Staff schedule page.

If you have enabled Notifications for visits not checked into or marked off as complete, you will also see:

  • Enable notification for visits not completed – Allows the sitter to receive the same type of notification as Admin, specific to them and their personal visits.
  • Enable notification for visits not checked in – Allows the sitter to receive the same type of notification as Admin, specific to them and their personal visits.

Primary/Secondary Sitter Permissions – Sitter can search for and edit users they are assigned to as Primary or Secondary, in the client’s Staff Assignment list. They can view approved/unapproved/completed appointments. Can only access scheduler through View Summary Page (by clicking on the dates), no other access to scheduler or approve button.

Odd Notes: Only Admin/Account Admin/Manager can edit/manage/cancel  ‘Completed’ and ‘Cancelled’ appointments.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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