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Sitter User Guide for PPS2020

Welcome to your new work tool! This guide will help you navigate through the Power Pet Sitter software. Some features that are covered here may not be available to you, based on what an individual business wants to provide to the clients.

You can download a copy of this manual here:

Logging in

Login fields for a business

If this is your first time logging in as a newly registering sitter, please click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select ‘Profile’ to set up your basic information.

Sitter Menu view

If you are also a working manager or administrator, you can change your view of the software and actions possible by selecting the topmost drop down menu.

Open drop down to select Manager or Admin to change site layout and possible actions

Your Landing Page

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see you home landing page. This page will show you all the visits you’ve got coming up as well as allow you to see Pet information, Custom questions and Visit details.

An upcoming approved appointment

Let’s go over some of the Icons you will see:

This icon indicates this is the first visit of the appointment. If there are first time tasks that need to be done when seeing a client, this will help you be aware of that first visit.

This icon indicates this is the last visit of the appointment. If there are end appointment tasks that need to be done when seeing a client, this will help you be aware of the last visit in the appointment.

If the business you’re working for has things set up to allow Check in and Check out, you will see this Check in button. If your location settings are on and you have allowed the browser to collect your GPS information, it will be captured when you check in and check out.

Once you’ve checked in, a timer will start to run for your elasped time. This connects with the notifications businesses can enable for Visits not Checked into or Completed by a timeblock.

Should you need to undo the check in, tap ‘Undo Check-in’ and confirm that choice.

If the business you’re working with does not have Check-in enabled, you will simply see a ‘Mark Complete’ button. Once you confirm the action, the visit will be marked as complete!

If the business you’re working for has Chat enabled, you will see this chat icon. Tapping on it will bring up a chat window that you can upload pictures into. You can only chat in current or past visits, up to 30 days.

This icon indicates that there is an unread chat on a visit. Tapping it will bring up the chat window.

You will also see a Notification Bell. If the business you’re working with does not allow or use our Chat feature, you can disregard it. If the business you’re working with does, you will be able to track your chat conversations and see your notifications easily. You can find all the Chat information in the Chat section of this manual.

Viewing Visit details and what you can see

If you click on ‘View Summary’, you will see all the expanded Client information. This includes:

  • The pets receiving the service and which one
  • Client’s Address
  • Client’s phone number
  • Client’s access and alarm codes
  • Specific Appointment notes.
Summary of Client and Visit information.

To View Pet Details or Client Custom Questions, click the stacked dot Icon and select either one. If you click ‘View Pets’, you will go to the Client’s Pet Page and see all their animals. Simply select the one you want more information on to see its full profile, including Vets, medications, vaccinations, and any pet Questions that have been set up by the business

Options under icon in each visit, for Sitters

If you click ‘View Client Questions’, you will see any Client Questions set by the business and the Client’s answer if one has been given.

Client Questions for Ringo
Checking in and Marking Visits as Complete

To check in, just click the ‘Check in’ button.

This will start a timer and collect your GPS location if you have set your device to allow it. Power Pet Sitter will never collect your GPS/Location information without your permission.  Once you have checked in, you will see the time elapsed, as well as an option to Undo your check in.

Hitting ‘Check out’ will mark the visit as complete and send an email of completion to the Client, along with the GPS information collected, if it has been. This information will also be visible on the Completed Visits Report, to the administrators and managers of a business.

Successful collection of GPS information will be strictly based on device settings. iPhone users may have to adjust their primary general location settings for Safari to collect their GPS location.

If the business you are working for does not require check in and does not have it enabled, you will see a ‘Mark Complete’ button instead. When you click on it, you will get a pop up asking you if you are sure.

Marking a visit off as complete will not send an email to the client.


If the business you are working with has the option enabled, you will be able to Chat with the clients you are serving. Use the icon above to open a Visit Specific Chat to your client. You can also upload pictures from your computer or phone into these chat messages for Clients to see! All conversations are recorded in the ‘Conversation Report’, as seen by Admin’s and Managers.

This icon will show on visits that have an unread chat. Chats will be listed in the notification menu for ease of access. You will see a Notification Bell next to your Sitter Icon.

Clicking on this notification will take you to the details of the appropriate appointment. Locate the Unread chat icon and tap it to see your message and reply. Timestamps will show in the recipients time zone, as set in your profile.

You can only chat on current or past visits, up to 30 days. This rule is the same for Clients.


Your profile will hold your basic information, the range of area you cover, any exception hours (times you’re unavailable to be scheduled), Rating and reviews, and the ability to update your email address username or your password.

This is a sitter’s profile.

Simply click edit to edit or add any information:

  • First name, last name – entered when you registered
  • Display name – how you’d like clients and Admin to see your name, useful if you do not go by your full first name!
  • Email address – Also your username; this is where all notifications, nightly schedules and summaries will be sent
  • Tag Line – Viewable by business when a sitter is connected to our Sitter Search (Coming soon!)
  • Phone numbers – You can add as many as needed
  • Address
  • Time Zone – Indicates what time zone you’re in, for activity log and notification purposes.
Coverage Area

Coverage Area indicates how many miles you will travel outside of your ‘home base’ zipcode so that business owners can see your travel range.

Exception Hours

This is where you’ll enter dates, days and times that you are unavailable. To add a new exception hour, just click the ‘Add Hours’ button. All exceptions can be deleted or edited if needed.

A new, blank entry for Exception Hours

Enter a start date and time, as well as an end date and time. You can add specificity about why you’re out those hours in the notes section.

If you select that this will be a recurring exception to available hours, you will be prompted to select which days you will be out, as well as a start and end time for your unavailability.

If you are out for the whole day, select ‘All Day?’ and you will only be asked for a start date and end date.

Ratings and Reviews

Clients will be able to rate and review your services after each service if they would like. Those rates and reviews will show here as well as provide an average star rating that is viewable by you as well as the Administrators.

A profile with two reviews
Update Username/Email or Password

If you ever need to update your email address, which is your username, or your password, you can do so here.

When you update your email address, the system will send a verification email to the new address and the change will only be officially made once that new address is verified.

Search Clients

You will only be allowed to view and edit Clients that you are marked as Primary or Secondary Sitter for. If you need to look up a client to verify their desired parking location or view any other information, you can search for them by using this page. You can:

  • View their profile
  • View their Pets
  • View their Key page – this will only show you who currently owns the listed keys on file. This page is read-only, regardless of sitter position.

All information will be Read Only for Sitters who are not Primary or Secondary for a client.

Service Summary Report

If the business you work for has you submit a service Summary Report for Payroll purposes, you will be able to find and export your payroll report for a date range from this page. Enter in your date range into the search filter to get more than the default current week. This report runs based on the actual visit date and completed status and will detail out the service rendered, how much you earned off the service and any tips allotted to you.

All reports are exported into a CSV.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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