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Setting up your Pets

Clicking on ‘Pets’ in the menu list will take you to your Pets page. If no pets are entered, you’ll see text indicating as much and inviting you to create one via the ‘Add a New Pet’ button.

Set your pets basic information first to create the pet profile.

The only required entries are:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Pet Type

Once you save and the profile is created, you can then edit it to add more information by clicking the pencil icon provided on the right hand side. Full and Accurate information are important for your pets and your pet sitters!

Be sure to provide all Veterinary, medication, and vaccination information!

You can upload a picture of your pet from your phone or desktop directly into the profile. This image will show on your landing page with your appointments, when pet’s are specified in appointment visits.

A created Pet Profile, ready to have additional information added.

If the business has any Pet specific questions, they will show underneath that tile. Once you have added an answer, it will show as well.

Edit your answers using the pencil icon provided on the right hand side.
Updated on June 24, 2021

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