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How to schedule an appointment

The scheduling process is the same for Clients as it is for Administrators. Clients will see an ‘Add appointment’ button on their landing pages; Administrators must select ‘Add Appointment’ from the client specific options in the User Management Page.

You can find a short video on how to schedule an appointment here.

TIP: When creating your appointment, remember that you’re scheduling ‘like days and time blocks’ together. This means you can select Mon, Wed, Fri and quickly create a ‘morning’ visit for all three in a shorter amount of clicks!

How to schedule:
  1. Start by putting in an Appointment Title. This can be whatever you’d like, such as ‘Iggy’s Walks’ or ‘Vacation visits’.
This is where clicking ‘Add Appointment’ drops any given user.

2. Then, decide if this is a recurring appointment. Recurring appointments are restricted to a single 7 day week, but will be repeated weekly until such time as the recurrence is cancelled.

3. Select the dates of service. Administrators and Managers will be allowed to schedule in the past and future. Clients will only be able to schedule same day dates or in the future, per the business’s scheduling restrictions.

4. Select the days you want service done. If the date range put in is short than one week, only the appropriate days will be available for selection. Selected days will show as gold/yellow.

Monday, Saturday and Sunday have been selected for service.

5. Select the Time block you would like service done in. You can indicate a specific time you’d like service, but it will be a business decision as to if they can accommodate it.

6. Services will populate based on their availability to that time block. Select your Services and add ons, and the pet you’d like service given to, if applicable.

Select your services and addon’s, as well as which pet is getting them.

7. Tips – You can add a percentage tip amount here. The system provides 15%, 20% and 25% options as well as a free-form dollar option.

8. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to start the check out process. You will see all the applicable days and dates with all the visit details provided on the right hand side.

Click Checkout to see a summary, add notes and confirm your order.

Clicking ‘Checkout’ on this screen finalizes the order.
How to edit a visit, add additional or different visits or delete a visit:

To edit an individual visit, click the stacked dot icon in the cart. You will see three options.

Having clicked on the stacked dot icon, these options show.

1. Edit brings up that visits information in the fields to the left. You can change time block, service, addon’s and tip selection, and update the visit by clicking ‘Update Visit’.

2. Clone will duplicate the visit, giving you a new visit instance to edit without altering the initial instance.

3. Delete will delete the visit.

Adding an additional day will only require you to not be editing another service. Simply select the day you would like to add another visit to on the left from the Visit Details area and follow the same processes as before.

Clicking ‘Add to Cart’ will add the visit to the cart, to accompany your other visits.

Once completed, Clients and Admins will see their appointment on their landing page.

Administrator’s View
Client View

Clients will be able to cancel the appointment in whole if it has not started and can cancel individual visits in the appointment if needed, based on what has been set in the Scheduling restrictions. Those options are provided under the stacked dot icon.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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