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Revenue Reports

The Revenue reports, found in the Reports Tab, gives you the financial information for your business.

New Client Revenue

The New Client Revenue report gives you a break down of what you’ve earned from new clients in the entered date range. The report lists the Client name with a clickable link, the Client’s primary sitter, their referral choice, zip code and amount per client. This list is not exportable.

New Client Revenue

Adjusted Revenue Report

The Adjusted Revenue Report will show you a break down of your Approved/Charged/Completed Revenue. Please note Unapproved appointments will not be reflected in this report or its totals. This report is exportable.ARR

Total Revenue: This column reflects the true appointment totals, without consideration for discounts applied.

W/Discount: This column reflects what you earned after including discounts.

Average Charge: This column gives you the average charge per service.

Percent of business: This column gives you the percent of your business that each service has earned you.

Revenue by Zip Codes

This report shows you how much you’ve earned by Zip code, pulling only completed appointments and by visit date. This list is not exportable.

Revenue by zip

Export Invoices to Quickbooks

This report allows you to select and export your invoices into a .iif file. IIF files are only used by Intuit for their Quickbooks software.

Export invoices

Updated on March 6, 2018

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