QuickBooks Transaction Tab

The QB Trans tab allows you to search for transactions related to Quickbooks Online, as well as see any invoices or instances that have erred.

You can search for Quickbooks invoices based on the following filters:

  • Date range based on last modified date of transaction
  • Transaction Types – Select Invoices, Vendor Bills, or Client Payments from the drop down menu
  • Status – Select Failures or Successes from the drop down menu, an appointment ID number, or a Message.

Select your filter, and click the “Search” button.

You will also find that a list of failed Quickbooks transactions will automatically populate this list. If you receive a Quickbooks error, you may review the error message in this tab. You may try to reprocess the invoice, fix the error and then reprocess the invoice, or choose to delete it from the list.

Find the QB Trans Error Directory by following the link provided.



Updated on March 9, 2018

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