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Quickbooks Connection FAQ

How does this communication work?

Client information as well as appointment information gets transmitted to Quickbooks Online automatically by Power Pet Sitter.  When you input a new client and save the profile, this generates an update to be sent to QB.  When you schedule an appointment and Approve it, then this action is going to generate an invoice to your QB account.  Any changes that you make to an appointment will also update to your QB invoice.  All items to be processed to Quickbooks will be added to a queue that runs full time behind the scenes.  You can see this information in your QB Trans tab in your Power Pet Sitter account.

Any pending items for transmission will show with a pending status.  If an item that has been added to the queue fails to process successfully to Quickbooks, then 30 minutes later, it will be added to the queue again with a Retry status. This will happen a total of 3 times (4 total attempts) and then the attempts to process these items behind the scenes will stop and added to your QB Trans tab for manual reprocessing with a Failed status.  You can at any time, reprocess failed or any other QB items from this tab.  You will mark the box next to the activity and click the reprocess button to submit the item.  This action will override the queue process and immediately process the activity to your Quickbooks account.  You will notice a number in parenthesis next to the QB Trans Tab heading.  This number is going to be the total number of items in your QB Trans list.  This number is going to change regularly.

Can I connect with Quickbooks Online even after I have begun scheduling in my PPS account?

Yes, you can!  You can integrate with QB at anytime in life as a PPS user.  When we set up the connection, we will do a one-time push of your existing information in your PPS account to your QB account.  You do not need to set up any clients in your Quickbooks system. Any appointments generated before the connection will NOT be moved over into Quickbooks.

Will Power Pet Sitter send over my appointment history to QB?

No, Power Pet Sitter will not send to QB any historical invoices already Approved in your PPS system.  Only appointments that get scheduled, approved, or updated after the connection with QB has been created will get processed to your QB system.

I see several different packages of Quickbooks Online, which one do I need?

PPS can integrate with any version of QB Small Business that will meet your business needs.  Each QB account offers a different level of services inside the program – all QB accounts allow for creation of clients and invoices, with exception to the Self Employed package, which are the basics required by PPS.  Power Pet Sitter does offer a feature to create vendor bills to your QB account – however all of the QB versions do not allow for the creation of vendor bills.  At the time of creation of this document, and understood by this author (who is not a Quickbooks representative) all versions above the Simple Start version allow for creation of vendor bills.  If you need this vendor bill functionality, please verify with an authorized Quickbooks representative prior to purchasing your account that this is present.

Do I have to have a Quickbooks Online account?

To connect your Power Pet Sitter account with Quickbooks for the automatic transfer of data, you do require a Quickbooks Online account.  Power Pet Sitter does not integrate with Quickbooks Desktop or Quicken accounting services at this time.

How do I generate Vendor Bills to QB?

To generate a vendor bill to QB, enter the Staff Schedule tab.  Input the date range that you desire, and click to show pricing as earned by Staff.  From the dropdown menu, select your sitter.  When the schedule loads, click the Create Vendor Bill button.

I put a credit into PPS and it's not showing in Quickbooks - why?

PPS doesn’t update a Client’s profile in QBO with manually entered Credits. Credits that are accrued through a paid appointment having a visit deleted (which would automatically prompt a credit being added to the account) are recorded in Quickbooks. Credits that are manually entered are not and the User must create a credit memo in Quickbooks for the same amount.

My Client shows a credit in Quickbooks, but the the invoice is showing 'Partial'. Why?

Credit Memo’s in Quickbooks must be manually applied to the invoice you want it to be attached too. Simply find your invoice, select ‘Receive Payment’ and scroll towards the bottom. There you should see ‘Unapplied Payments’ or ‘Unapplied Credits’. You can select which payment will be ‘received’ to this invoice, and can match the credit to the due balance.

Updated on March 6, 2018

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