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QuickBook Transaction Error Directory

From time to time, there will be errors that come up inside your Quickbooks tab. Most of these are easy to fix and you will be able to do yourself. The most commonly found errors and their fixes will be listed below.

Error: 'Your QB keys have expired, please renew keys.'

Reason: For security reasons, Quickbooks Online demands that their users renew their connection keys every hundred (100) days.

Resolution: You will need to log into your Quickbooks accounts in one browser tab, and log into Power Pet Sitter in another.


  • Select Business Tab.
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down until you find the Quickbooks block.
  • Click on the Intuit Logo

This will create a pop up window that will process and authorize the connection. When the pop up disappears and your PPS page refreshes, click on ‘save’ before navigating away.

Your keys have now been renewed and you can reprocess the erred invoices in your QB Trans tab. Please note: It is suggested that you only move 10 to 12 instances at once to avoid dropped data.

Error: 'Customer is not in Quickbooks. Please add Customer before adding invoice.'

Reason: Either someone has changed the display name for the Client in question, or the QBOID needs to be renewed.


  • Access the appointment.
  • Select ‘View Client Profile’ from the drop down menu.
  • Save the client profile. This causes the system to create another Client instance to renew the QBOID connection.
  • Click to your QB Trans Tab.
  • Select the ‘Client’ type instances.
  • Reprocess them.

You will now be able to reprocess the pertinent invoice.

Error: 'Appointment is not in Quickbooks, please add appointment before pushing payments'

Reason: This is not a common error, but is most often seen following a Customer not in Quickbooks error, as the payment for an appointment that has erred cannot move through. Once you’ve corrected the appointment’s error, you will be able to reprocess the payment.

If, for some reason, you do not see the invoice inside QBO, you can prompt the system to create and send another one.


  • Access the appointment.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ – When the page refreshes, you will see your QB Trans tab number will have ticked up.
  • Click QB Trans Tab and reprocess the newly created invoice.

You will now be able to reprocess the payment. This will NOT charge the Client again.

Error: 'Service XYZ is missing, please add service before sending invoice to Quickbooks.'

Reason: This is another uncommon error. On rare occasions, a service instance doesn’t make it to Quickbooks, or the QBOID for that service needs to be renewed.


  • Access your Business Tab
  • Go into ‘Services’
  • Find the erred service and click ‘edit’
  • Assign the time blocks you want the service to be available in.
  • Save.

The system will generate an updated Service instance.

  • Access your QB Trans tab
  • Reprocess the Service type instance.

You will now be able to reprocess the erred invoice showing this error.

Error: 'Business Validation Error: The discount cannot be greater than the subtotal'

Reason: This error is straightforward. The Appointment in question has a discount that surpasses the subtotal.

Resolution: Access the appointment and adjust it so that the discount is only as much as the appointment total. Any additional funds that you’d like to apply to the Client should be put as a credit balance in the Client’s profile.

Error: 'Business Validation Error: You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater.'

Reason: The appointment in question has a negative total. All appointments must have a transaction total of $0 or more.

Resolution: Access the appointment and adjust the prices as necessary.

Error: 'Gateway Timeout'

Reason: Quickbooks servers did not respond to the request of data transfer.

Resolution: Wait a few hours, or until Quickbooks has time to address their error and reprocess the invoices.

Error: 'Email Address does not conform to the syntax rules of RFC 822. Supplied value: example@mail.com and secondary@mail.com'

Reason: Something entered into the Email field of the profile is incorrect. If you need the system to send confirmation emails ect sent to two or more e-mail addresses, simply separate them with a comma.

For example: support@mail.com, info@mail.com

Updated on December 10, 2019

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