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Information is the most useful thing to an established business and Power Pet Sitter is here to deliver! Most all reports are exportable into a CSV file, compatible with Excel, Numbers and most other spreadsheet programs. Power Pet Sitter offers several different kinds of reports, from Financial reports, to Client information reports to Staff information reports.

Client Vet Report

This report will show you all the listed Vet information for Pets, including their primary and emergency pet vet. Pets many only have one Primary Vet but may have several emergency vets if needed. The Search filter to the right will allow you to drill down to a specific Client, as well as see which Pets have no Vet entered at all.

This report is Exportable, as a CSV file.

Key Audit

This page will show what Keys have been entered for a Client. The page will default to showing what keys are currently out with sitters. You can choose to see just the keys that are in the office, or keys that are out with sitters, as well as the option of seeing the history of that key. This report is also exportable, as a CSV file.

An example of the key audit

Remember that you can view a Client’s Key Audit from the options in the User Management page as well!

Activity Log

The Activity log logs all activity, up to and including:

  • Business Changes, such as upgrading or downgrading your package type with PPS or updating your payment information
  • Appointment information, including:
    • Appointment Created, Approved, Unapproved, Cancelled, Merged, Completed
    • Credit Consumed or Added
    • Appointment Payment Completed or Declined
    • Appointment Payment Marked as Paid
    • Visits Added or Removed
    • Manual Price change for Sitter/Service
    • Sitter Assignment Changed
    • Appointment Discount Added
  • Visit Information, such as:
    • Visit cancelled
    • Visit completed
    • Visit Checked into
    • Visit Check in Undone
  • Client changes, such as:
    • Completed registration
    • Activated
    • Inactivated
    • Created, deleted, or updated payment method
    • Pet Created or Deactivated
    • Credit Balance manually altered
    • Account Information updated
    • Access codes updated or saved
    • Additional Information saved or updated
    • Emergency contact information saved or updated
  • Sitter changes, such as:
    • Created or approved
    • Role Changes
    • Deactivated
    • Rate changes
  • We now collect information base on your services and add-ons, such as:
    • Service Created or Activated
    • Price changed
    • Service inactivated
  • Login Attempts, both successful and unsuccessful

Completed Visits

This report will show you completed visits and pertinent GPS information. If no GPS information was collected and you have that feature enabled, that means that the sitter has denied the software access to their location.

Sitter Time Off Report

This report will let you see what sitters’ availability are on any given dates. You can specify if you are looking for sitters who are marked as available, off, or out, via the Search Filter on the right-hand side of your screen.

Staff Schedule Report

This report will let you see what Sitters have scheduled over a date range, as well as let you see what you are charging the client, what you are paying the sitter and what percent of the total charged to the customer is being paid out to your sitter.

Clicking on any total in blue text will show you the breakdown of the total shown. Clicking ‘Manage’ will take you to that appointment tile to make whatever changes you would like.

This report comes with a ‘Grand Total’ line that calculates the collective total of the prices shown.

Vendor Bills

If you have your sitters set as ‘Vendors’ and wish to pay them through Quickbooks, you can create a Vendor Bill to be sent over into Quickbooks. To do this, simply adjust the Search Filter with the dates you want and the specific Sitter you are creating the bill for. You will see a ‘Send Vendor Bill’ button generate.

This will generate a vendor bill to be moved through your QBO Transaction tab.

Adjusted Revenue Report

This report will, like before, show you how much you have made in total over a date range as well as breaking that down into line items. The report only considers Approved and Completed appointments in its calculations. This report will be exportable into a CSV file.

Client Report Engine

This report will allow you to export client data or send out a mass email based on Filters. Some of these filters have changed.

You can select a list based off these options:

  • Active or Inactive (the page will default this selection to ‘Active’)
  • Has Primary/Secondary Assigned Sitter – provides a list of sitters and the possible assignments for further drilling down
  • Registered between Date
  • Has Credit Card on File or not
  • Has a Credit balance or not
  • Has Custom Rates or not
  • Has Active Recurring Appointments or not
  • Has total revenue between dates with a minimum revenue spent

When you click Next, you will see a basic email field. You can create and save templates for easier mass email or create a new individual email. Select who you want to send to by clicking on the names to the right.

If you want to export, simply select the clients you want to export and click ‘Export to CSV’.

Conversation Report

This is a summary of messages between Client and Sitters via the Chat feature. You can filter the conversation by date, appointment ID, client, or sitter, via the search criteria menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

It will show you:

  • the visit date,
  • the conversation date,
  • the service in question,
  • the Sender,
  • the Receiver,
  • the Message with image if one was sent
  • The appointment ID and name

This report is exportable in a CSV file.

Business Service Summary Report

Much like the Service Summaries for Sitters, this report allows you to see and export Sitter Service Summaries for a date range, for payroll purposes. This report is based on visits that are marked as complete. This report is exportable to a CSV file.

To export an individual Sitter, simply narrow down the search, using the search filter.

Charge History

This report will show you all the successful charges that you have processed over a date range. This report is exportable to a CSV file.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Charge-History-report-1024x364.png

Updated on February 2, 2021

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