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Power Pet Sitter offers you and your sitters an application for the Apple iPhone and Android OS phones. You will find these on the AppStore and the Google Play Store. The most current version of the application is version 5.0.0.

You can download a copy of this guide here.

Logging In:

When logging into the PPS application, you will use the same Username and Password as you do everywhere else in the system. Please remember that the system is case sensitive.  The app will save the username for the last successful login.

Upon hitting login, you will see the uncompleted appointments for the current date only.

Icon Legend:

This icon represents an Unapproved Appointment. Unapproved appointments are not eligible for check in or being marked as complete, but they do show, to allow sitters to know what’s coming, and adjust their personal schedules if needed.

 This icon represents a Start Time. Click into the Visit details to see what specific time the client would like their service started or done in.

RED & GREEN color background –  Just like on our desktop software, you will see the FIRST visit of an appointment in GREEN, and the LAST visit of an appointment in RED. Add-ons will reflect these colors if they’re attached to the Primary first/last visit.

This indicates that there are Custom Questions you can view. Tapping on this icon will show you either the Client’s Custom Questions, the Pet’s custom questions or Service Custom questions, depending on where you find this.

If a business doesn’t have custom questions set up, no icon will appear.

If the business you’re working for has our ‘Check In’ feature enabled, you will see these additional icons:

This icon represents a visit that is eligible to be checked in. Only Primary Services are available to be checked in – Add-on visits will never show this option, as they are connected to the primary service. You may only check in one visit at a time. If location services are on, GPS location will be captured on check in.

This icon represents a primary service that has been checked in for your profile. It will come with a by the minute elapsed time clock. If you check into a visit on accident, you will tap this icon to prompt a check-in reversal.

This icon will only be visible to those who have Admin/Manager permissions, and represents an actively checked in visit that is not your own. You will also see the elapsed time is, to the minute.

If the business you’re working for has Chat Enabled, you will also see these icons:

 This icon allows you to chat with a Client. If a Client doesn’t have a chat button displayed on their visit, this means the business owner isn’t allowing them to chat. Tap this icon to navigate into the Chat screen.

This icon will appear at the bottom of the application. Tap this icon to view and access your chat history.

Anytime a new message is received, you will receive a Push Notification:

Once you login to the app, you will see the above icons display a badge number for each unread message.

Visits that are Checked In will always show at the top of your screen with an IN PROGRESS status, regardless of what you adjust in the Filter. This is so you don’t ‘lose’ that visit.

The Filter:

You can adjust what visits you see by using the Filter.

Date range: Select the date range that you would like to see. The application will provide a popup calendar for your ease.

All Clients: If you’re an admin, you already have the rights to search all of your clients. If you’re a sitter, the clients that you are marked as Primary or Secondary will show up on this list. Simply type in the client’s name.

Status: You can choose to see All appointments, Completed appointments and Pending appointments. The application will always default to Pending, unless this is altered. Visits that are checked in will populate under Pending as In-Progress.

Managing information:

The only way to access and manage a Client’s or Pet’s information is through tapping an instance of an appointment. This will bring you to the appointment details.

Primary Phone number and Client address are linked, meaning you can bring up your phone’s Phone app to call a Client, or send them a text message, as well as tapping the address to pull up a Maps program. Email functions the same way, but will only pull up the email application if there is a single email address.

This is what that information will look like, from top to bottom.


Fields that are not filled out will not show in the application. This is to save space and stop needless scrolling over information that isn’t being used.

You have four paths of action.

  1. Manage or Add a Pet.
  2. Manage Client Information.
  3. View the Custom Questions associated with the Service, the Pet, or the Client.

Mark the appointment as complete. This will mark this visit and any add-on services attached to this visit as ‘Complete’ and attach a GPS marker. If you’re checked in, marking a visit as complete serves as your Check Out time.

Managing Pet Information:

To edit or view a pet, tap the pet’s name that appears under the Pet header. If the Pet has a picture, this will load. Every field that populates can be edited. The information that is shown is pulled directly from the software and will be current. Make sure you hit save when you’re done!

Editable fields:

  • Pet Picture (You can take a picture with your phone or from your phone’s gallery and crop it to size before uploading)
  • Name
  • Pet Type
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Pet Notes
  • Litter Box
  • Leash Location
  • Carrier Location
  • Food location
  • Aggressive
  • Vaccinations
  • Chip information
  • Medications
  • Primary and Emergency Vets

To add a pet, simply tap ‘Add Pet’. This will create a NEW pet profile for the Client.

Managing client information:

To manage or update a Client’s information, tap ‘Edit Client Info’. This will bring up the basic editable information. Make sure to hit Save when you’re done!

 Editable Fields:

  • Phone numbers (Work, Home, Mobile & Other)
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Alarm information (Company, Phone, Location, Password, Arm and Disarm codes)
  • Gate Code
Viewing Custom Questions:

Custom questions are set by the business owner and can be one of three types. Service Questions (related to the service), Pet Questions (related to the pet), or Client Questions (related to the Client).

Custom questions will be indicated by this icon:

All questions will be displayed like so:

Checking In and marking Visits off as Complete:

If the business you’re working for requires you to check in, you do so by tapping the white icon on the Appointment List. You will ‘Check Out’ by marking the visit as complete.

Check-in Reversal

If you should ever check into a visit by accident, you can easily Undo that action by tapping the green head icon provided. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you’re sure you want to reverse the check in.

You can mark of a single visit by opening the Visit Details and hitting ‘Mark as Complete’. This will mark any add-on that is attached to that visit off as ‘Complete’ as well. You do not have to be checked into a visit to mark it as complete. If you want to mark more than one visit as complete at a time, select ‘Visits’ in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen of the App.

This will open a new screen that shows you every uncompleted appointment that is currently showing in the filter.  If your filter is set for the current date, that list will only show you the current date pending appointments. To see a broader range, adjust your filter, hit refresh and load the list again.

Select the visits you want to mark as complete and hit the Mark Complete button. All visits selected will be marked as complete, along with a date, time and GPS stamp (if those permissions are allowed) that can be seen by Admin.

If you have marked a visit off as complete BEFORE the Minimum Set service time your Admin may have set, Admins may be notified. If you do not check into a visit or mark it complete by the end of the timeblock, Admin’s may be notified. If the Client is marked to receive Email notification, they will get a ‘Your Visit has been completed’ email, with the service name.

This is all based on how the owner has the business set up.

Completed, Short Visit, and Conversation Reports:

Who can see these reports?

This is only visible to Admin, Managers, and staff members that have the permission to ‘View Reports’.

You can find the details of recently completed appointments by utilizing this report. It displays the specifics of who marked things off, what time, for which time block and appointment. If you have our Check-In Feature enabled, you will also see ‘Place of Check in’, ‘Check In Time’ and ‘Total Time Elapsed.’

This list is sortable by each underlined header and is generated around the visit date. Clicking on the header you’d like to sort or resort by will refresh the page with the newly organized list. If something comes up with no Time or Place of Completion detail, this means the visit was marked off through the software. If it shows up with 0.00, the sitter’s phone may not have their Location enabled. This is imperative to the system catching GPS Coordinates.

Short Visit Report:

The short visit report will show every visit that was marked as complete without meeting the minimum service time set to that service. If the Administrator has selected to enable notifications, they will receive one by e-mail with the appointment details.

Conversation Report:

The Conversation report is where a business owner will go to review messages sent via our Chat feature. PPS does expect to make adjustments to this report. Users can filter searches by Staff, by Client, or by Service. You can sort by Visit Date, by Conversation date and by Service.


How much data does the app take?

Not much! The application only uses data or connection to refresh the information shown, and in a full, active day, a user might use 3 to 5 mb of data.

How do I know what App Permissions are already in place?

  You’ll need to check your Primary Phone App settings. Access your primary settings, find ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’. Find Power Pet Sitter, and then ‘Permissions’. You’ll be able to see what’s already enabled as well as enable or disable any permission you’d like.

I have my Location Services on, but no GPS information is being picked up; why?

While having your phone location services on are a must for GPS, you must also make sure the Application has the permission to access that GPS information. Access your primary settings, find ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’. Find Power Pet Sitter, and then ‘Permissions’.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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