Mobile Reports

The Mobile reports, found under the Reports Tab, holds information pertaining to the mobile application and the information that is collected from it. This includes timestamps, GPS information, ‘Shorted Visits’ information, and Chat conversations.

Completed Visits Report

The completed visits report pulls all instances and information for a visit that has been marked off as complete, regardless of if that visit was completed from the App or from the browser.

You can sort by:

  • Visit Date
  • Time Block
  • Service
  • Client
  • Sitter

Clicking on ‘View’ will take you to the Summary Page for that appointment.

If no timestamp information is collected, this indicates that the visit was marked off as complete from the browser and not the application. GPS information is only captured when a sitter checks in or marks something as complete, and will not show if those features aren’t used.

Short Visit Report

To better provide safeguards against visits being shorted in time spent, Admin enable and set their services to have a ‘Minimum Service Time’. This is the minimum number of minutes a sitter’s timer should accumulate while out on a visit. If a sitter marks a visit as complete before this minimum service time is hit and the notification is enabled, the Admin will receive an email detailing the appointment and information already collected.

This report is a record of those appointments that qualify as a ‘Short Visit’.

Conversation Report

The conversation report revolves around the PPS Chat feature and displays all conversations had within the application.

You can search by:

  • Date Range
  • Appointment number
  • Staff Name
  • Client Name
  • Service Name



Updated on September 26, 2018

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