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As of August 22nd, Power Pet Sitter expanded our mobile application to allow Clients to have better access and communication with their sitters around their visits. Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android, Clients must download the application in order to use Chat.

This manual is for the Client side of the PPS Mobile App. You can download a copy here to edit and alter to fit your clientele or business needs.

Logging in:

You will login to the PPS App with the same username and password that you use to log into the software. Please remember that the system is case sensitive. The app will save the username for the last successful login.

Upon hitting login, you will see the upcoming appointments for the current date only.


Please note that the icons that show are dependant on what the business has enabled. Additional features and icons will be detailed at the bottom of this manual.

This icon will log you out of the Application


This icon will take you to a read only version of the basic information displayed in the app, and allows you to edit those fields

This icon will take you to a list of your pets, where you can view, edit or add new pet information.

This icon is only seen when you tap into a visit, and indicates that the business has Pet-based questions.

How to use your filter:

You can adjust what visits you see by using the Filter.


Date range: Select the date range that you would like to see. The application will provide a popup calendar for your ease.

Status: You can choose to see All appointments, Upcoming appointments, or Completed appointments. The application will always default to All.

How to manage you and your pets information:

To manage your information, tap ‘My Info’. This will bring up the basic editable information. Make sure to hit Save when you’re done!

Editable Fields:

  • Phone numbers (Work, Home, Mobile & Other)
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Alarm information (Company, Phone, Location, Password, Arm and Disarm codes)
  • Gate Code
Managing Pet information:

To edit or view a pet, tap the pet’s name that appears under the Pet header. If the Pet has a picture, this will load. Every field that populates can be edited. The information that is shown is pulled directly from the software and will be current. Make sure you hit save when you’re done!

Editable fields:

  • Pet Picture (You can take a picture with your phone or from your phone’s gallery and crop it to size before uploading)
  • Name
  • Pet Type
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Pet Notes
  • Litter Box
  • Leash Location
  • Carrier Location
  • Food location
  • Aggressive
  • Vaccinations
  • Chip information
  • Medications
  • Primary and Emergency Vets

To add a pet, simply tap ‘Add Pet’. This will create a NEW pet profile

View Custom Questions:

Custom questions are set by the business owner and a will be regarding you and your pets.  Custom questions will be indicated by this icon: 

To update the information, just tap the question, and you’ll be prompted with the available answers. All questions will display like so:

Additional Optional Icons and Features:

If a business has these two features enabled for your view, you will see them in the application as you go.

How to Chat

If the business you’re working for has our ‘Chat’ feature enabled, you will also see these two additional icons:

– This button is found at the bottom of your screen, and allows you to look at previous conversations. New or unread messages will be marked with a ‘badge’ tally.

 – This button is populated only if the you and the sitter that is assigned are enabled to use Chat Messages.  New or unread messages will be marked with a ‘badge’ tally.

You will be able to mark, in your profile, if you’d like to get PUSH notifications of Chats sent. PUSH notifications will pop up on your screen like other social media notifications. You can see which visit has a new chat attached to it by viewing the ‘badge’ number shown.

An Example of Push Notification:


An Example of a chat:

How to view GPS/Timestamp info

If the business you’re working with has enabled this feature, you may also see additional information when you tap into the visit from the Visit List. Scroll to the bottom of a visit detail page to see GPS/TimeStamp information.

GPS/Timestamp Information is not included in the e-mail notification for visits completed sent to the Clients who have this option enabled.

Some businesses demand that their sitters check into visits. Checking into a visit and marking a visit off as complete will pick up the Sitter’s GPS location, if they have those services on.

Email Notification

You can also indicate, in your profile in a browser, if you want an email notification when a visit is marked as complete by your assigned sitter via the application. This will send a basic e-mail stating your Service Title (Dog walk, ect) has been completed.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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