Mobile Application FAQ’s

Released on August 22nd, PPS has expanded our mobile application to include client access, in system chat features, and general enhancements to the UI and flow of action. Below are the most common questions from both Admins, Sitters, and Clients.

Administrator FAQ’s:

How do I enable mobile login/chat for clients?

Chat, push notifications (of chat messages and email of completion), and allowing clients to see the collected GPS and Timestamp information are conditional; you must first enable Mobile for Clients.

Once you have, you’ll see the three feature options populate below.

You can enable Chat for All Sitters, All clients, or for both. All profiles in your business will automatically adjust their permissions to match whatever selections are saved in this area. This allows you to, for example, enable chat for all your sitters, but not all your clients. You can individually mark which clients you would like to have this, in their profiles.

How do I enable features for an individual client?

Once these features are enabled, Client profiles will have a new ‘Mobile Permissions’ box.


Notification Clarification

Email notification is only for when a visit has been completed. If selected, when a sitter completes a visit, the client will be sent e-mail confirmation of service completion.

Phone notifications are only for Chat Messages. 

Clients will be able to see and choose if they want e-mail or phone notification only.

How do I review conversations?

Access ‘Conversation Report’ in your Reports tab. You can sort by date, client, sitter or service.

Can I 'approve' messages before they're sent or interject myself into a conversation?

No. The conversations are tied to the individual visit. This also means you will not see a ‘Chat’ button for anyone you are not personally assigned to.

Does the Chat Feature have the ability to send pictures?

Not as of yet but PPS is hard at work with our developers to bring this finishing touch to the Chat feature. We understand how important pictures for Pet Parents are! 

Sitter and Client FAQ’s

Does Chat use Data or Text messaging?

Not at all! PPS has built this in such a way that no data or text SMS is used in the chat feature.

How do I Chat?

You see on your appointment list page, all the visits that are scheduled for today. Depending on if the business owner has enabled the Chat feature, you will see the ‘Chat’ button on any viable visit, where both Sitter and Client are able to chat.

Simply tap on the chat associated with the current visit and start chatting away!

Where do I find previous chat conversations?

Use the ‘Chat’s button on the bottom of your screen or adjust the filter to the day and visit status. Any unread chat will show with a badge number, showing what messages haven’t been seen.

Where do I see GPS/Time Stamp information?

If this information is collected by the sitter and if the business owner has enabled the Client view of it, all users will see this information in the same place. Tap into the visit in question and scroll to the very bottom. If you are allowed to see collected information, you will see this: 

Can Clients schedule on the application?

Not as of yet, no, but PPS knows how great that feature will be and we’re planning on expanding towards the ability to schedule via app!

Can I turn off Chat Notifications or Email notification of visit completion?

Yes! Every Client has the control over what kind of notifications you want to receive. To adjust them, please login to your PPS account, go to ‘Edit My Info’ and find the ‘Mobile Permissions’ fields. 

Updated on October 4, 2018

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