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Independent Sitter and the Power Pet Sitter Network

Power Pet Sitter may be a scheduling software, but we know that what really powers your business is People. This is why we’ve built the Power Pet Sitter Network – to connect Independent contractors with businesses who are looking to hire and allow those same IC’s a single page to login at.

If you are an Independent Contractor or a Sitter that works for two or more businesses:

You can view all your visits for any and all businesses that you work with in one clear Window. Find the IC portal Guide here.

Independent Sitter Registration
  • Use the Register Now link on the Independent Sitter Login page.
    • If the provided email address is not associated to a sitter account, the user must complete the full registration process (Verify email address, complete registration form).
    • If the provided email address is already associated to a sitter account, the user will be able to use their existing username and password to login as an independent sitter. User must verify their email address in the Email Verification email.
Independent Sitter Registration with a specific business
  • Go to business subdomain site
  • Click Register Now & enter your independent sitter account email address
  • Receive Email Verification email
  • Click link in email
  • User is navigated to the business login page where their email address is prefilled in the Username field. Enter password to authenticate.

For Businesses:

If you’re using this feature, you may be looking for additional sitters to work for your business. The Power Pet Sitter Network will allow you to find, review, and get the contact information for potential Independent Contractors!

To enable this and to include your business in the search results for IC’s looking for businesses to work with, simply go to your Business Settings.

An image of the 'Include in Pet Sitter Company Search'

This will put a new item in your primary menu:

Shows the 'Find Sitter' line in menu

Clicking on ‘Find Sitters’ will take you to the ‘Find Sitters’ page, where you will be able to put in your ‘home base’ zipcode and a mile radius that you’d like to search inside of. If any Sitters are within that coverage area, they will populate.

From there, you can view the current reviews left for that sitter over their other visits, as well as see their contact information and a background check, if the sitter has uploaded such a document.

Actual connection between you and the sitter will happen outside of this system – this merely lets you see viable sitters in your area looking for work.

Updated on January 27, 2022

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