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Independent Contractor Portal Guide

This guide is meant for IC’s who work with more than one PPS business. If you are looking for the Staff Guide for how to navigate the Sitter View, please click here.

This portal will allow you as an independent contractor, to take any and all actions, including checking in/out or marking visits as complete, seeing Client information, seeing your Rate of Pay information, or updating your profile and exception hours – all in one place! If you are set as a manager or Admin of a business as well as being a sitter, you will also have access to all the Admin/Manager features and information when you specify via the dropdown menu.

Signing up

If you are already an active staff member with a business and are looking to convert your sitter account to an IC account, you will need to register at the Independent Portal using the same Email address you use to login to the business. A verification email will be sent to your entered email address to confirm that you would like to upgrade your account to the IC level. You will continue to use the same password, as the password is attached to your profile and not the specific business that it was set up on.

If you are a NEW IC pet sitter looking to connect with businesses that have marked themselves to be included In Pet Sitter Company Search, please register with the email address that you would like to use going forwards. You will be sent a verification email that will redirect you into creating and filling out your profile.

Logging in

Your Dashboard

Just like the Sitter Landing Page, your default view will show you the pending and upcoming appointments that have been assigned to you, for any and all businesses that you are working with. Switch between a Calendar view and list view by using the ‘Calendar View’ Toggle.

List vs Calendar view

You may notice that there is a dropbox with the word ‘Default’ in it. This will control if you are looking at a specific business or if you are looking at multiple combined.

Selecting a specific business to look at will show you the visits and information from only that business. If you are set as a manager or Admin of that business, you will also have access to the managerial actions and menus.

IC Portal Menu

Found just under your name in the right hand corner of the screen, you will find your menu. As this is the Independent Contractor Portal, you have a few additional options.

IC Portal Menu
  • Home – Clicking ‘Home’ will take you back to the default landing page and show all pending or upcoming visits to the current date.
  • Profile – This is your Sitter Profile. It will contain all your contact information, coverage area, exception hours, ratings and reviews, as well as gives you an area to upload a Background Check document.
Sitter Profile opened to the Background Check
  • Search for Pet Sitting Company – Any business that has indicated that they want to be Included In Pet Sitter Company Search will be eligible for population based on a area zipcode and miles outside set zipcode that you want to search in.
A successful search
  • My Pet Sitting Companies – This page will list out the businesses that have you on their Staff list, as well as list your status with the business, the businesses contact and website information, and access to your rates of pay and overbooking settings for each business.
  • Service Summary Report – The Service Summary Report will show you all the visits and their information, for visits that are Marked as Complete. There is a search filter on the right hand side that will allow you to change the dates your looking for, as well as an ‘Export to CSV’ button on the page. This will be how you track and pull your payroll.

Businesses will have a ‘Find Sitter’ page available to them, if they’re marked to be part of the Pet Sitter Network and will search based on the same area zip code/miles as you do. They will be able to see:

  • Your First and Last name
  • Your Tagline
  • Any reviews on your visits
  • A download link to any Background check document you have uploaded.
What if I stop looking for work? Can I turn off being Searchable?

Yes! PPS believes in giving IC’s the independence that the law requires and every staff and once your Sitter account has been upgraded to an IC (or you have registered as an IC first), your profile will have a Include In Independent Sitter Search flag. Simply flip the flag to turn off your participation as a search result!

Updated on January 27, 2022

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