Independent Contractor Guide to PPS

Below is the Independent Contractor Guide that Power Pet Sitter provides with our software.

You can find a downloadable version of this document here:  IC GUIDE


Your employer will assign your login username and password to you.  You are free to change your username and password at anytime.  Be sure to check ‘Check if Staff’ box after inputting your username and password.Login

Once you are logged in, you will see six tabs

  1. Edit Info
  2. My Schedule
  3. My Reports
  4. Users
  5. Calendar
  6. Visits

Edit Info Tab

This section is where your personal information such as name, address, and emergency contact information is held; please make sure it is correct.  It also contains the zip codes you service, and the option to change your user username and/or password.  Please change your temporary password right away.  Once you have saved it the boxes will be blank again but the information is saved.

You can also add or change the dates you are unavailable for assignments because of vacation, doctor appointment, another job, etc.  There are instructions for this later in the guide.Staff Profile'

My Schedule Tab

This section is where you view your schedule.  You can specify any group of dates you want to view at the top of the screen.

Staff Sche

All the icons you may see here have a meaning.

  • A green vertical bar along the left side of the service indicates that the appointment has been approved.
  • A red vertical bar along the left side of the service indicates that the appointment has not yet been approved. 

    If the visit remains unapproved on the day of service, please call the office to verify that it is valid.  PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!

  • A green checkmark means the appointment has been completed and marked as completed by the staff member.
  • A red checkmark means the appointment has not been marked as completed by the staff member.
  • A blue i icon is a link to the client’s printable profile information.
  • A green box around a service indicates that this is the first visit within the scheduled appointment. A double box around a service indicates that this is the first and last visit within the appointment (only one visit was scheduled).
  • A red box around a service indicates that this is the last day or visit within the scheduled appointment. If you have two visits on the last day, each will come with its own red box.
  • A clock with a box to the right is a tool that can be used by either the administrator or the sitters – whichever is suitable for your company. Enter a time here for the visit to be completed. An administrator can place a specific time in this box for the visit to be completed – staff will then see the time for the visit to be completed. If a time is saved for a service within the “Client Default” area of the client profile, this time field will automatically be populated for the associated services.

If you are given dates via voicemail but don’t see them on your calendar or if you see something on your calendar that you were not aware of please question the office.  We can make mistakes so we want to all work together to avoid any missed visits.

The rate reflected on each visit is that paid to the independent contractor.  The total amount earned during the entire time period is seen at the top of the calendar.


There also may be a little blue notepad directly under the rate of the visit on your schedule. If you see this, it means a note has been added to the visit either by the client or the office for the sitter.  You can hover over it to read it or simply look at the bottom of your schedule and see the note for that date and specific visit.  Please make sure to pay attention to those details, as they may be vital to that visit.



My Reports

This tab allows you to generate a payroll report for yourself.  In the My Reports tab, select ‘Service Summary Report’.  On the next screen input the desired date range and click the Run Report button.  The total payment due for all visits completed within the specified date range will appear.  You also have the option to export this information to an excel document.  For the payroll report you will see the visit date, client, service and amount for each visit inside the indicated date range.SSR

 Users Tab

This section contains your client information.  You will search for your clients by their first, last, or pet name.  You will only be able to access clients assigned to you as the primary or secondary sitter.  When the client appears there will be 2 options, a View/Edit link and a Review link.  Click on the Review link to review past appointments for your client in a specified time period.  Click on View/Edit to view the client information.  Inside the client profile, there is an orange button towards the top of the screen ‘View My Pets’.  Click here for the pet information.  You can edit any of this information.  Remember to SAVE if you make any changes.  Any changes you make will cause an e-mail to be sent to the office, the client and the primary and secondary sitters.  There is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, ‘Other Client Actions’, which allows you to view visits for that client, e-mail the client, print client info, or edit pet info.


This is where the sitter, client or office administrator will go to access and manage the client’s information.  You are accessing the client’s customer profile.

The more information that is entered here, the more everyone benefits … it helps your backup sitters when filling in, it helps us in the office when you are unavailable and we need information, and it shows the client we are on top of things.

Existing clients have access to their profiles.  We encourage them to go online and fill in the details, update their profile and add as much information as they wish.

In the ‘View My Pets’ section, clients can upload their pet’s photos.  We love to match a face with a pet!  Any relevant information about the care of the client pets will be found in this section.  Please make sure you keep it up to date with any relevant information you have for caring for the pet.


The calendar is an alternative view of your schedule, in a more traditional calendar view.  You will see your schedule in day view by default, but you can also see a month view.Calendar

Visits Tab

Part 1.  Show New Visits Button

This section shows the new reservations approved by the office and assigned to you for completion. You must click the box to the left of each visit as confirmation you accept the assignment. Then you must click on ‘Mark checked visits as confirmed’ and the office will then know you have accepted the assignment.Confirmed visits

2.  Show Uncompleted Visits Button

As you complete visits daily, you will login and click the Visits tab to check off your visits as completed. To do this, click the box to the left of the visit, then click ‘Mark checked visits as complete’.  When you run your Payroll Report, visits that you marked completed here will be included in the report.  The payroll report will not include visits that have not been marked as complete in this tab.Completed visists

Entering Time Unavailable in PPS

Click on the Edit Info Tab, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for the heading Exception Hours. The top half is to indicate an ongoing time-unavailable, e.g. every Monday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, or every Sunday all day. The second section is to enter specific dates unavailable. The time you enter as unavailable affects your employer’s ability to schedule you for visits.Exception hours

To book out an entire day or longer, simply enter in the date(s) you will be unavailable. No specific time needs to be entered.  If you are only unavailable for a specific time frame, indicate the time of day you are unavailable. Don’t forget to hit the SAVE button when you are done.

IMPORTANT: As a courtesy, please phone in or email your time unavailable to the office in addition to entering it in PPS.


You will get an email for your daily schedule late the night before just as a reminder. The title will say Pet Sitting Schedule.

You will also get other emails such as the following:

Pet Appointment Summary – Chicago – 9/13/2007 to 9/16/2007

This email will contain the client reservation. It may be approved or unapproved if something is pending. You may get more then one of these so remember this is just a notice and you are NOT to rely on this for scheduling. Your calendar is where you will be looking for the service you will be doing.

Cancelled Appointment

This will be sent out if an appointment has been canceled BUT please remember that this is only a notice and sometimes clients or the office cancel appointments that were made in error and if it is on your schedule then you are to complete the service.

Client’s information has changed

This is an important email as it lets you know that either the client or office has updated a client profile. You need to be sure to note the info changed or added, i.e. alarm codes and phone numbers.

Client’s pet information has changed

This email is also important because it may contain routine changes such as feeding, medication, and/or activity so please pay close attention to detail.

Any other questions about behavior or policies should be directed towards the business Owner. This is a very general IC guide for the Power Pet Sitter Software.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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