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How to Schedule and Manage an Appointment

Watch the Video Demo here.

When scheduling for a client, you can go about doing so in one of two ways. Either find your client via the Users tab Search bar, or access an appointment for them and use the ‘Other Client Actions’ dropdown box provided.

Clients will also follow these directions, starting by clicking on ‘Schedule an Appointment’.

To schedule:

  • Enter an Appointment name
  • Select your start date
  • Select your end date OR decide how frequently a new recurring appointment should be created. Every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every month which holds to a calendar month.
  • Click Continue

On the next page, you will select what days will be receiving service.

  • If the visits will be the same across all selected days, select YES. You will see the Service Selection page only once.
  • If the visits will be different each day, select NO. You will see the Service Selection page for every date requested.
  • Click Continue.

Select the Service you want performed.


Once you’ve made your selections, you will be asked any Service Based questions that are set.


Clients will be directed to a Summary page when they finish, where they can edit their appointment, by the date, or in whole.  Client’s can also leave Visit notes, by clicking the Blue Notepad icon. These notes show in the nightly schedules, confirmation emails, and on the application.

Administrators will be directed to the Manage Appointment Page, where you will be able to set Sitters, prices, specific times.

How to Manage an Appointment

After scheduling, admins or staff with permissions will be directed to the Manage Appointment page.

The system will automatically populate the sitters listed in the Client’s Staff Assignments, according to their availability. Sitters without conflicts will show in blue. Sitters with conflicts will show in red.

There are only 3 reasons why a sitter will show in red:

  • They do not have the Client’s Zip Code in their ‘Available to work’ zip code list, found in the sitter’s profile. This is the most common issue.
  • They are Overbooked
  • They have Exception hours and are marked as ‘Unavailable’

If your sitter is showing in red,  you can hover your mouse over their name and the system will give you a pop-up to detail what the conflict is.

To change a sitter for a single visit, simply click on their name to pull up a list of available staff members and click on who you’d like assigned. To show or hide exceptions, you must click on SHOW/HIDE Exceptions.

To change all visits in an appointment to a single sitter, you can use the ‘Assign all Visits to’ dropdown box provided at the top of the calendar portion.

When you change a sitter, the system will also automatically change the rate of pay to match whatever has been set in the Sitter’s rate of Pay list, found in their profile.


Add-on rates of pay are not shown on the Manage Appointment Page. You can see how much your sitter is getting paid for any add-on by looking on the Staff Schedule page, or looking in the Calendar Tab.

Once you’ve assigned your sitters, you can move on to confirm the information in the ‘Pricing Box’: 

If you make an adjustment to the prices, you can save the changes for just this appointment or save the price change to the Client’s Custom Prices, or both. Client Custom Prices will always override whatever price is set for that service in the Services page.

With your sitters assigned and prices confirmed, you can now approve your appointment, and send out a Confirmation E-mail!


How do I create an invoice to bill a client?

PPS only creates and transfers an invoice into Quickbooks online, and only if your accounts are connected.

What if I don't want to use Quickbooks to invoice?

As PPS is not an accounting solution, there is only a paid/unpaid flag for credit card clients, so you would need to print or write out your ‘Confirmation Emails’ and it’s itemline details, or otherwise manually put that invoice information into the program of your choice. We do not offer you a paid/unpaid flags for alternate forms of payment, such as cash or check.

Where will my client pay for the appointment?

Owners/Admins are the only users who can initiate a charge. Client’s will not be able to pay you on their own will – this is a manual Admin action.

Updated on May 3, 2021

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