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How to Manage an appointment

This guide is for Administrators and Managers.

You can find a Video Demo of how to manage your appointments here.

Finding the appointment

Whenever a client schedules an appointment, the business email address is sent an Appointment Summary. That summary includes a ‘Manage Appointment’ button. Clicking on the provided button will open a new tab and redirect you to that appointment.

You will also see the appointment displayed on your landing page when you login to the software. The Search filter on the right hand side, under the Magnifying glass icon, will allow you to search for a particular appointment, based on status, Client, or date range.

Administrator/Manager view of an appointment on the landing page.

There are three tasks that need to be done for an appointment to be considered fully managed. These tasks are:

  • Assign Sitters – Appointments cannot be approved unless there are sitters assigned to every visit.
  • Payment – Appointments cannot be charged or marked as paid unless they are approved.
  • Email – Allows you to send out Confirmation emails and easily see if this step has been completed.

As you complete each task, the corresponding tile will change to indicate that you have.

An appointment with all three tasks completed.

To assign Sitters

Click on ‘Assign Sitter’ – this will take you to the sitter assignment page. This page is also where you can see the notes left on the appointment by the client or add an Admin note. Client notes are seen by Sitter’s in their visit instances.

This is what it looks like where there are notes.
Click on the Arrow to open up and see both Client and Admin notes

Click on ‘Select Sitter’ to see the sitter’s available to be assigned. If a non-primary or secondary sitter does not have a rate set for a service, they will not show in this list. Primary and Secondary sitters will be listed as ‘Preferred Sitters’ and will always show. The rest of your staff who has a rate will show as ‘Matched Sitters’. Selecting a sitter will open the tile and show you their rate of pay.

If the same sitter will be doing all the visits on a particular appointment, you can assign all visits in an appointment blindly to a sitter by using the ‘Select Sitter’ drop down next to our ‘Assign to all’ button!

Confirm the assignment or any rate changes by clicking ‘Update’.

If you need to change the rate of pay for whatever reason and would like to reference the visit price being charged to the client, you can click on the total for the visit to see a Price Breakdown. Changing the sitter or rate of pay will be logged in the Activity Log.

How to Approve an Appointment

You can approve an appointment one of two ways. Either by:

  1. Using the stacked dot icon on the landing page after all sitters have been assigned.
  2. Using the ‘Approve’ button, found on the Payment Page.
Options found under the stacked dot icon for Admin and Managers
Appointment details in the payment page allows you to approve as well.

How to collect payment

The Process Payment button will only show if you are connected with Authorize.net or Square Processing in your Accounts and Connections page.

From the Payment page, you can see and edit the service prices, add-on prices, and surcharge totals. Changes made will be reflected in the right hand sidebar.

Appointment totals

If you add an appointment discount, you will see how much is being discounted from what service on the left hand side, under the Appointment Discount column. If the Client has a credit in their account balance, that credit will be automatically consumed when the appointment is charged.

If your client has more than the appointment total in credit, the account balance field will only show the applicable amount.

This client has a credit of $40 on file and will only be charged $98.24.

The Grand Total reflects what the total will be after consumption of a client’s credit balance.

Once you are ready to charge, select a payment option from the Client’s entered cards, if you take them and click ‘Process Payment’. Confirm the action and the client’s card will be charged whatever remains after the credit is consumed. The payment status will change to reflect the total charged and consumed, if any.

If you have the preference set to allow the system to send out a receipt of charge to the client when a card is charged, an email will be sent to them detailing the charge and show the credit balance used at the bottom.

Mark as Paid

If you do not have a connection to Authorize.net in your Accounts and Connections, no payment button will show. You will still be able to mark things as paid, to keep track of if you’ve collected, and manage account balance credits. The Mark as paid function works the same, regardless of Authorize.net connection.

If a client has an account balance on file, the system will ask if you would like that credit to be consumed upon marking as paid or not. You may note the Grand Total changing to reflect your selection before you hit yes.

Once you make your selection and confirm, the appointment details on the right side will update to reflect the choice and total amount that has been marked as paid.

This appointment was marked as paid and chose to have the credit on file consumed.

When you look at the appointment on your landing page again, you will see all your actions reflected in the Summary.

This appointment has sitters assigned, has been marked as paid, and has sent out at least one email.

How to send out and view confirmation email record

When you click on the Email tile, you will see your options for sending.

Select who you would like to send your confirmation email to. Selections are shown by the gold/yellow. You can also mark emails as sent if you would like to ‘finish’ this task without actually sending out mail to your client or sitter.

Your appointment is now managed and ready for Sitter’s to complete visits!

How to merge an appointment

You can merge appointments – this is useful if you want to charge a recurring appointment Client once for multiple appointments! Unapproved, uncharged appointments are the only appointments viable for merging. To merge an appointment, click on the three stacked dot icon on any appointment to see your options.

This appointment menu reflects an unapproved appointment

When you click Merge, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select which appointments you would like to merge with.

This Client only has one unapproved, uncharged appointment that is acceptable for merging.

Select which appointments you would like to merge and click ‘Merge Selected’. You will be prompted to give the appointment a new name.

Merge Actions cannot be undone. Please be sure you want to merge these appointments before clicking ‘Merge’.

You will be redirected back to your landing page once the appointment is created with the new name, so that you can go through the sitter assignment process!

Managing a Paid Appointment

There may be a time where you or the client edits and makes changes to an appointment that’s already approved and paid. The editing process is the same for these situations as it is for editing in any other appointment.

Upon Checkout and confirmation of the edits, the software will credit back the total collected amount (plus any credit that was consumed initially) as an account balance to the Client’s profile. That credit will then apply to the next appointment charged.

You will be returned to your landing page with the appointment tile in question isolated, that way you can immediately go through and reapprove it, mark it as paid to consume the created credit OR process the new additional charge to consume the created credit and charge your client the reminder!

Now that you’ve fully managed the appointment, once all three tiles are completed and its in an Approved state, the appointment instance won’t load by default on the landing page. Now it’s up to your sitters to do the visits!

Updated on March 18, 2021

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