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Getting Started with Power Pet Sitter

Welcome to using Power Pet Sitter!

You’ve chosen a flexible, innovative scheduling software that will expand and grow with you. In order to see things move and function the way they’re expected, you must do some first time set up to define the structure and options your clients will see throughout.

Step 1: Login into PPS and navigate to the ‘Business’ tab.

Step 2: Select ‘Settings’.

This is where you will set your business name, address, phone, website address, and logo.

  • Verify that your business contact information is correct.
  • Upload your logo. Your logo must be a .jpg file.  The image cannot be more than 150 px in width and 100 px in height.  If you are having trouble re-sizing your logo, please email your logo to support@powerpetsitter.com and request assistance with uploading your logo. 
  • Set maximum and minimum times for clients to schedule and canceling appointments. This restriction pertains to when clients would like to request visits online.  These settings create a time buffer and control for the business owner so you can adequately manage the client-generated online reservations.
Mind timezones!

As our servers are on the East coast, the servers and scheduling restrictions are based off EST Midnight.

Users cannot set the restrictions to allow same day scheduling by clients.


Step 3.  Select ‘Pet Types’

Enter all the different types of animals that you provide care for. This will populate in the Pet pages, so that your client can select the type of pet they’re entering. Please use singular instances for best results.

Step 4.  Select ‘Time Blocks’

Define your time blocks.

  • These are not your services. You will add your services at another time.
  • You must set up at least 1 time block before you can add a service.
  • Time blocks are periods of time (An hour or longer) that you or your client will select for a service to be completed. Client’s will always be able to leave a note and indicate if they want something done at a specific time.

Step 5.  Select ‘Services’ and add-ons

This is where you list all of the different service options and your scheduling begins to come together.

  • Enter the service name, price, and additional pet price for the service.
  • Check ‘Surcharge’ if you want to apply holiday surcharges to this service.
  • Check ‘Allow Discount’ if you want discounts to apply to this service.
  • If you mark a service ‘Private’, it means that it is not displayed to your clients when they are booking. Some examples of a private service may be – Meet and Greet, Late Booking Fee, or Staff training/Shadowing.

You can then create add-ons or submenu items to attach to those Primary Services. Add-ons will let you indicate which pet is receiving the additional service, be that extra time spent, medications, or extra exercise.

Step 6.  Select ‘Custom Questions’

Add custom questions, which are additional questions that will appear in the client profile, the pet profile, or when a service is scheduled depending on what you’ve chosen.  Answers can be free form, or from a list of responses you set up, with the ability to have client’s expand on a yes or no question.

Step 7.  Select ‘Policies’

Define your policies for setting and reviewing appointments, confirmation and cancellation emails, policies for attempts to schedule or cancel too late, and text for your home page and login.

Below are some policy tips.

  • Use your pet sitting business’s Policies and Procedures for verbiage to copy and paste into our fields.
  • Setting Appointments: This appears in screen view when scheduling appointments.  Suggested information to place here might be your payment policy, surcharge policy, etc.
  • Reviewing Appointments: This appears in screen view when reviewing client appointment history.
  • Cancellation Email: After canceling a reservation in Power Pet Sitter from the Client’s ‘Review My Appt’s page, a confirmation of cancellation email is sent to you and the client.  Here you would create a message that is included in this email.
  • Confirmation Email: After approving a reservation, you can send a confirmation email to the clients and sitters.  Here you would create a message that is included in this email.  You can start the statement with, “We are confirming your appointment for the above dates…” and go from there.
  • Too Late to Cancel: Remember back in the first step under your Setting Tab you created your restrictions where you set minimum and maximum times for client scheduling and canceling?  If a client tries to cancel inside of the settings, the statement name here will be displayed to the client.  For example, “We require 24 hour notice for cancellations, please call the office to cancel your appointment …”.
  • Too early / too late to Schedule: Same concept as above.  If your clients are trying to sneak in a last minute pet sit, you have the scheduling blocked and you can use this policy statement to remind your client of your Late Booking Fee.
  • Home Page: This is the statement that appears above the login credentials of your unique Power Pet Sitter login page.
  • Policy Agreement: Copy and paste your entire Business Policy Agreement here.  When new clients are attempting to register themselves into your account, they will be required to agree to the policy provided here.  For existing clients, or clients that you set up, they will have access to the policy from their profile.
  • Login Instructions:  This is the statement that appears below the login credentials of your unique Power Pet Sitter Login page.

Step 8.  Select ‘Zip Codes’

This is where you enter all the zip codes in your service area.  You can either search by City/State and individually select appropriate zip codes, or manually enter each one.

As new clients will register via Zip code, and sitters need to be able to mark what areas they can work, Zip Codes can be important.

Step 9.  Select ‘Referral Choices’

You will set up a list of methods of how your client heard about your business.  This information will be captured in the client profile.


There are more sections shown in the Business Tab, but they are not required for completion as part of the initial setup of your business on Power Pet Sitter.   You can return at your leisure to address these sections briefly outlined below.

  • Veterinarians: Setup a list of all local vet service providers.
  • Price Changes: Use this feature sometime down the line to systematically change pricing across the board.
  • Custom Client Properties: Create a checklist of items that will appear in the client profile, only visible to admin and selected sitters.
  • Account Information: Upgrade your account here, as your business needs grow!
  • Holidays: Set up holiday surcharges here that will apply to specified services in scheduled appointments.  Surcharges can be setup as dollar or percentage and if dollar, they can be applied to each visit, or once per day.

You are now ready to add a client and schedule! 

How to add a client:

  1. Go to the Users Tab
  2. Select ‘Add New Client’
  3. Fill in profile details
  4. Save!

How to schedule an appointment:

  1. Go to the Users tab
  2. Search for the client
  3. Click ‘Schedule’ link
  4. Schedule!
Updated on May 3, 2021

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