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Getting started with Power Pet Sitter 2020

Welcome to the Power Pet Sitter Family!

This guide will get you set up with the basics so that you can get started building your business. All you need to functionally get started is a time block and a service – and a client, of course – but we will go over everything you need for a complete set up!

Find our Video of this instruction under the Table of Contents!

New Business Set up Video
Your Login Page

You will have gotten an email when you created your business, giving you your custom URL for a one stop login page for everyone accessing your business. This is what you will copy to connect onto your business website to redirect clients to the software.

Your personalized URL

You will have set up your email address, which is your username, and your password when you created the account. Please login using those credentials.

If you need to reset your password, you can do so by clicking ‘Forgot Password?‘. This will send a password reset email to the address entered.

Setting up your business


To get started with setup, please click the icon with your name at the top right hand of the screen. This will populate a dropdown list. Select ‘Business Settings‘.

Business Settings

The Business Settings control all the optional functions and features that Power Pet Sitter offers, except your payment gateway and Quickbooks Online Connections.

Select Time Blocks & Scheduling to set up your first time block.
To complete your business profile:

Information such as your Company name, business email address, time zone and phone number will be displayed from your sign up form, but you can also add:

  • Business Website – This puts your website information onto the footer of any business email, as well as on your login page, under your location information.
  • Physical Address
  • Company Logo – Recommended size for Company Logo: 512×256 is the smallest size we recommend for logos, and for best image quality, you can go up to 768×384.
  • Company Tag line – This will show on your login page, under your Company Logo.
  • Email Tag – Upload an image to include in emails sent by the system for your business. If you would like the image to redirect to another website, provide the desired destination URL.
  • Social Media Links – Information here will populate behind the platform appropriate icon on your login page, so you can connect with your clients via social media.

To add your Time Blocks and adjust Scheduling Restrictions:

To add a time block, simply click the ‘Add Time Block‘ button.

Your time block must have a Name, a Start time, an End Time and be marked as Active to be seen in the scheduling process. You can also set the time block with a color that corresponds with our calendar. You may have as many time blocks as you need for your business and can edit or inactivate them at any time. Once you have created your time blocks, you will see them displayed above Scheduling Restrictions.

Successfully created time block

If you would like to adjust the default Scheduling Restrictions, you can do so below the Time Block area. The Scheduling Restrictions allow you to control how soon a Client can schedule and cancel, as well as how many days into the future they’re allowed to schedule.

If ‘Minimum days required before start date’ is set to 1, you will be asked to select a ‘Cut off time’ for Clients who will be able to schedule Same Day appointments. This will allow a Client to schedule in any time blocks that have not started, up until the time you have set. The time zone you select in your business profile works in hand with this feature, so the time set will be correct to your settings and location.

To add your services and add-ons:

Select ‘Services & Pricing’ from your Business Settings menu. This page is where you will set up your services and add-ons, as well as make any adjustments to the services or the order they appear in. This page is also where you will set your Sales tax, if your state requires that tax.

Click ‘Add New Service’. All services must have a Service name, a service description, a primary price and at least one time block selected to be created. Other options you can decide on for your services are:

  • Additional Pet Price – price charged for additional animals selected.
  • Minimum Service Time – If you have staff and would like to be notified if they do not spend the full amount of minutes dictated here checked into a visit, you can enter a value. In example: 30 minutes for a 30 minute visit.
  • Service Pet Specific – Determines if you would like your clients to indicate which animal is receiving this primary service.
  • Discount Allowance – Select ‘Yes’ if you want Discounts to apply to this service when it’s scheduled.
  • Service Active – Select this to make your service ACTIVE for selection in scheduling.
  • Holiday & Weekend Charge – Determines if you would like Holiday or Weekend Surcharges to be applicable to this service.
  • Service Private – Determines if your Clients can schedule this service or not. If it is a private service, only Admin and Managers will be able to see and add the service to appointments.
  • Service Taxable – Determines if Sales tax will apply.
Successfully created Service

To edit or create an Add-on, simply click the stacked dot Icon.

Adjust the order of your services by dragging and dropping services into a new order!

To add your serviced Pet Types:

Your account comes with a default ‘Cat’ and ‘Dog’ entry, that can be deleted if you do not service those animal types. To add more types of pets, click the ‘Add New Pet Type’ button. Then, enter your pet type and click ‘Create’.

To add Custom Client and Pet Questions:

You are able to set up custom questions that will show in your client’s profile or their pet’s profile, respectively. Setting either up will be the same process. Start by clicking the ‘Add New Question’ button.

Add new question button

You can create as many custom questions as needed.

To add personalized text and your business policy:

The Business Policies page will allow you to enter custom text for a few areas of the software, as well as allow you to put additional policy information, such as cancellation policies and your general Registration Policy Agreement.

Appointment Creation
This message will be viewable when a user while they are creating an appointment. You can find the text after clicking ‘View Business Policy’ in the Appointment creation page.
Appointment Review
This text will show on the Checkout Summary, after clicking ‘business policy’
Appointment Cancellation/Confirmation email
The text here will show on the appropriate email, underneath the appointment information. If you have set an Email tag, that image will display under this text.
Too Late to Cancel
Enter Text for a custom response when a client tries to cancel a visit or appointment without enough notice. Without text added, users will see this: This appointment cannot be cancelled. Please contact us if you have questions or need further assistance.
Registration Policy Agreement
This is where you will put the Business Policy agreement, and also where you will indicate if you want to require clients to agree to it before being allowed to join your business.
Login Instructions
This text shows under ‘Login instructions’ on your login page!
Sitter Declined Email
The text added here is included in the body of the email notification sent to a new sitter whose request to join the team is rejected/declined.

To create Holiday or Weekend Surcharges:

If you would like to charge an extra amount for visits done on Saturday or Sunday, you can indicate so and how much here. Click the stack dot icon to edit the weekend surcharges and set the amount. You can also choose to allow discounts to apply.

For Holidays – By default, only Active holiday dates will show. You can add a new holiday by clicking ‘Add New Holiday’. Title your Holiday and enter its date, select the amount you want to charge, and select if you would like to allow a discount to be applied to the surcharge.

Your business is now set up and ready for Customers!

How to create a Client Profile

PPS does suggest that all clients register via the Registration link found on your Login page, but in the case of your needing to make the client profile for whatever reason, you will easily be able to do so.

On your User Management page, you will find an ‘Add Client‘ button.

This will drop you into a short form profile to fill out. Once your Client Profile is created, you will be able to add additional information such as Alarm Codes, Parking Location and Waste Disposal.

You will be able to find our Client guide here: Client Guide

Updated on September 16, 2021

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