Credit Card Tab Overview

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If you accept Credit cards, this is the tab where you will primarily charge your Clients. It will populate with every appointment marked to be paid with a credit card, allowing you to charge or mark the appointments as paid at your business pace up to 30 days out from a start date.

You will be able to sort this list by the type using the underlined words at the top of the box.


All current credit balances are shown with the appointment information. If that appointment is charged, the credit will be used and the Client will be charged the remaining amount.

Admin have three actions available to them in this tab. ‘Charge and Invoice’, ‘Invoice’, and ‘Mark as Paid’.

Selecting and submitting the ‘Invoice’ instance will generate an invoice to be moved into Quickbooks. This is in case you charge your credit cards through Quickbooks. The option to charge the card will remain in your CC tab.

Selecting and submitting the ‘Charge and Invoice’ instance will charge the Client and move both the invoice and the payment into Quickbooks. The ‘Invoice’ instance will vanish with the submitted instance.

Clicking ‘Mark as Paid’ will mark an invoice as paid. This will not move a new invoice into QBO and it will not charge your client.

Please note: The messages that you receive back after charging a card come from your Credit Card Processor, not from PPS. While we are more then happy to help you understand the messages, we are not responsible for success or failure in charging credit cards.

Credits and credit cards:

If your client has a credit on file, it will show in red on the list populated in this tab. This credit will be applied to the first appointment for that client that is charged. If you select two appointments for a client with a credit balance, your successful message returned will look like this: CC results

Every batch of charges that are submitted will generate an e-mail to the Administrator, detailing out to you the transactions and their success or failure.

Updated on May 5, 2021

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