Credit Card Setup

Use your Power Pet Sitter account to charge client credit cards

What do I need to get started?

Step 1.  Obtain a merchant account.

You have 3 options for obtaining a merchant account.  We suggest shopping around for a provider that can offer you the best rates.

  1. – To integrate with you would obtain a merchant account that uses as their payment processor.  Your bank is a good place to start when looking for a merchant account for this.  You can use any merchant account provider that you like, just remember that the merchant account provider must use as the payment processor to integrate with Power Pet Sitter.
  2. TSYS – We have an established relationship with TSYS, formerly known as TransFirst.  They claim to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry, and they are also recommended by PSI.  Follow this link for information about account set up with TransFirst: 
  3. Sage – We integrate with Sage North America. We do not currently integrate with international Sage accounts. Follow this link for first time set up or company specific questions.

Step 2.  Locate your connection keys

a. – Inside of your account you will need to locate your API Login ID and Transaction Key for integration with PPS.  You can find the API Login ID and Transaction Key by following these instructions.

b.  TSYS – If you are set up with TSYS (formerly TransFirst), you will need to request your Transaction Central ID and a REG Key for connecting to PPS. If further help is needed, please contact Support with the details.

c.  Sage – In your Sage account, you will need to locate your Virtual Terminal ID and M Key for connecting to PPS.

Step 3.  Save your connection keys in your PPS account.

Sign in to Power Pet Sitter.  Enter the Business Tab – Settings Page.  Scroll to the bottom to the Payment Gateway section.  Select the type of processor that you will be using for integration.  Click the edit button and enter the appropriate keys – then click Save.

I have my merchant account, now what?

Once you have the payment gateway information stored, then you can begin charging your client’s credit cards.

You will charge your clients for a scheduled appointment from the CC tab or the Manage Page.  In the appointment Manage page, you will see a Charge button once the appointment is Approved or Completed.  The CC tab will also generate a list of appointments for billing. This list is generated based on the following criteria

1.  A scheduled appointment is Approved or Completed.

2.  The list will default to show appointments from 90 days in the past, and with a start date in the next 3 days.

3.  The client has a credit card on file.

To bill the client for an appointment from the CC tab you will check the box next to the listed appointment and click the Submit Checked Items button.  You can submit up to 5 items at a time for processing.  Once you submit the items, you will have a return message from indicating the amount was billed to the client, or if there was a decline for the client’s card.

Updated on January 12, 2022

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