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First time setting up your account

If you registered your own account, you will login with the email address and password that you set. If the business you’re working with has done that for you, please ask them for your login information.

Where to find your profile:

When you login on a desktop, you will see your name on the upper right hand corner of your browser window. Mobile Users will simply see the icon presented there. Clicking on this will give you your menu.

An example of Client Menu

Clicking on this will take you to your Home page, where you can schedule an appointment with the ‘Add an Appointment’ button. You can find out how to schedule an appointment here.


Clicking this takes you to your personal Profile. Please set fully set up your profile before scheduling. Having full and accurate information is important for the business and it’s staff members to be able to provide best service for you and your pets.

All options provided in the profile menu.
Account information

This page holds basic things, such as:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address (this is also your username)
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • Time zone
  • Account Balance (Read only)
  • If you’ve agreed to the business policy for the business
  • SMS Text Messaging Opt-in for Chat features
Residence Access Codes

This page allows you to enter any alarm or gate codes, indicate hide-a-keys kept on the property, or describe FOB use directions. To add a new access code, click on ‘Add a New Access Code’.

Clicking this opens a new entry for Access Codes.
Select your Access Code Type and fill out the pertiant information.

Once you click ‘create’, it is added to your access codes and the business is sent an email alerting them to your new code so they can be aware. These Access Codes can be updated or deleted at any time as needed.

Additional Information

This page allows you to answer a few simple questions.

  • Parking Location – Where or how would you like your sitters to park when they come to do a visit?
  • Waste Disposal – Where should the sitter dispose of waste such as litter waste, food cans, used poop baggies, ect.
  • Pet Food Location – Where do you keep your animal’s foodstuff?
In Case of Emergency

This page allows you to indicate if you agree to a few emergency permissions for Sitters to take if something should happen, as well as list your Emergency Contacts and their information, including phone contact information.

In Case of Emergency questions

These are set by a business so that they can have the best information about and around servicing you and your furry or scaly or feathery companions. Please answer any questions that you see here to allow for the best possible service.

Update Username and Password

Update your username, which is also your email address, and your password here. If you update your email address, a new verification email will be sent to that new address and will need to be verified before the change is saved in the system.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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