Chat Messaging

If the business you’re working with allows for Staff members and Clients to chat in system, you will see an additional icon on appointment tiles that are viable for chatting.

This is the chat icon, as you will normally see it. This means either there is no active conversation or you have already seen any message attached.

This chat icon indicates that there is an unread message attached to this visit. If navigating from the Notification Bell menu, you’ll need to look for and find the visit where the new message has happened.

You will also see a Notification Bell next to your user icon. If the business you’re working with does not allow or use our Chat feature, you can disregard it. If the business you’re working with does, you will be able to track your chat conversations and see your notifications easily.

Clicking on this notification will take you to the details of the appropriate appointment. Locate the Unread chat icon and tap it to see your message and reply. Timestamps will show in the recipients time zone, as set in your profile.

You will only be allowed to chat on current or past visits, up to 30 days. Notifications will be delivered to your device if your browser allows and you should be prompted on first login to allow the site to send you those notifications.

SMS Notification

If you have opted into the SMS text notifications in your profile, your designated number will receive a text message with each sent message. The message sent will read as: ‘You have a new chat notification from ‘Business Name’ Click the link below to view. Reply STOP to opt out.

All texts will come from this number: (571) 322-8332

All standard rates and service charges apply.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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