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Client User Guide for Power Pet Sitter 2020

This guide will explain what a Client will see and can do in the Power Pet Sitter software. Existing clients will login using the businesses unique URL and newly registering ones will use the Register link found on the businesses login page. You can download a copy of this manual below.

Registering a new Client Account

After clicking ‘Register now’, you will be prompted to select if you are a Sitter or a Client. Select Client.

This will lead to a request for your email address, where a verification email will be sent. Once you click the link provided to confirm your email address, you will be asked to put in basic information (First name, Last Name, Phone Number and type, as well as time zone) and set your personal secure password. Once you have agreed to the set business policy, if that is marked as required in that business, you will be prompted to login with the information you just set up.

Setting up your profile

Once logged in, you will need to go and finish filling out your profile. Click the icon next to your name, shown in the upper right hand corner.

Clicking the icon shows you your menu options!

Clicking on this will take you to your Home page, where you can schedule an appointment with the ‘Add an Appointment’ button. You can find out how to schedule an appointment here.


Clicking this takes you to your personal Profile. Please set fully set up your profile before scheduling.

All options provided in the profile menu.
Account information

This page holds basic things, such as:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address (this is also your username)
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • Time zone
  • Account Balance (Read only)
  • If you’ve agreed to the business policy for the business.
Residence Access Codes

This page allows you to enter any alarm or gate codes, indicate hide-a-keys kept on the property, or describe FOB use directions. To add a new access code, click on ‘Add a New Access Code’.

Clicking this opens a new entry for Access Codes.
Select your Access Code Type and fill out the pertiant information.

Once you click ‘create’, it is added to your access codes and the business is sent an email alerting them to your new code so they can be aware. These Access Codes can be updated or deleted at any time as needed.

Additional Information

This page allows you to answer a few simple questions.

  • Parking Location – Where or how would you like your sitters to park when they come to do a visit?
  • Waste Disposal – Where should the sitter dispose of waste such as litter waste, food cans, used poop baggies, ect.
  • Pet Food Location – Where do you keep your animal’s foodstuff?
In Case of Emergency

This page allows you to indicate if you agree to a few emergency permissions for Sitters to take if something should happen, as well as list your Emergency Contacts and their information, including phone contact information.

In Case of Emergency questions

These are set by a business so that they can have the best information about and around servicing you and your furry or scaly or feathery companions. Please answer any questions that you see here to allow for the best service.

Update Username and Password

Update your username, which is also your email address, and your password here. If you update your email address, a new verification email will be sent to that new address and will need to be verified before the change is saved in the system.

Setting up your Pets

Clicking on ‘Pets’ in the menu list will take you to your Pets page. If no pets are entered, you’ll see text indicating as much and inviting you to create one via the ‘Add a New Pet’ button.

Set your pets basic information first to create the pet profile.

You can upload a picture of your animal, the only required entries are:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Pet Type

Once you save and the profile is created, you can then edit it to add more information by clicking the pencil icon provided on the right hand side.

A created Pet Profile, ready to have additional information added.

Be sure to provide all Veterinary, medication, and vaccination information!

If the business has any Pet specific questions, they will show underneath that tile. Once you have added an answer, it will show as well.

Edit your answers using the pencil icon provided on the right hand side.


If the business is collecting payment through Power Pet Sitter, you will see a ‘Payment’ option in your menu. You can add as many payment instances as you’d like, but once entered, you will only be able to edit the address connected with each one. If the card number was put in incorrectly, you will need to delete the payment instance and recreate it with the correct information.

A full list of accepted card types

Power Pet Sitter takes Credit Card security very seriously, and all credit card information is masked and encrypted to the highest standards of current PCI compliance rules and regulations. Credit Card information is not stored on the PPS database, instead being held by Authorize.net. PPS uses a token, connected to that card information, to engage the charging process through Authorize.net.


You can find an easy to follow guide on how to Schedule an appointment here.

Once you’ve schedule an appointment, you will see it on your Landing page. You can see a Summary of the whole appointment by clicking on the plus sign next to ‘View Summary’, including dates, sitter assigned, price charged, and if payment has been collected.

An opened View Summary.

Under the stacked dot icon, you have a few options.

This allows you to edit your appointment, if the appointment has not started.

If your appointment has started, the Edit option will simply let you see your cart for that appointment, and not allow any action to be taken.
View Details
The View Details page will give you a more detailed breakdown of the appointment and provides several options, such as Chat and the ability to rate a completed visit.

This page also allows Clients to cancel an uncompleted individual visit, under the stack dot icon, as long as they are not doing so inside the businesses set scheduling restrictions.

This screen shows:
Service name, date and time block scheduled in
Any add ons and the pet receiving the services if selected
Sitter who is assigned
Price of individual visit
Timeline of appointment from creation to completion
Chat (If enabled)
Rate and Review – details below
The cancel option shown on the landing page will attempt to cancel the appointment in whole. If you would like to cancel an individual visit, click ‘View Details’, find your visit, and click ‘Cancel’ under the stack dot icon provided.

If it is too late to cancel, a message stating so will show. How soon or late you can cancel is up to the business and their scheduling restrictions.

A view of the View Details page:

This Visit has been completed and is now eligible for a rate and review.
An empty Rate and Review page with 3 1/2 stars already selected.

This is the chat icon, as you will normally see it.

This is the chat icon, as you will normally see it.

This chat icon indicates that there is an unread message attached to this visit

If enabled, you will see a Chat icon next to your visits. You will also see a Notification Bell. If the business you’re working with does not allow or use our Chat feature, you can disregard it. If the business you’re working with does, you will be able to track your chat conversations and see your notifications easily.

Clicking on this notification will take you to the details of the appropriate appointment. Locate the Unread chat icon and tap it to see your message and reply. Timestamps will show in the recipients time zone, as set in your profile.

You will only be allowed to chat on current or past visits, up to 30 days. Notifications will be delivered to your device if your browser allows and you should be prompted on first login to allow the site to send you those notifications.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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