Client Reports

Client reports, found in the Reports Tab, will hold Client Data, the Vet report  and the Referral Report. This is most useful for pulling various kinds of Client lists and sending mass e-mails.

Clients By Veterinarian

This report will give you a list of Client’s and their pets by Veterinarian. It does not show clients/pets who do not have a primary or secondary vet selected.Client by VetAll Veterinarian names, Client names and pets names are clickable links, indicated by the underscore, and will redirect you to those specific profiles and information.

Client Report Engine

The Client Report Engine, or CRE, allows you to populate filtered lists that you can export into an .XLS file, or send a mass e-mail to.


  • Have used at least one of these services – This filter will drop down a list of all your PRIMARY services.
  • Has all of these selected properties – This filter will drop down a list of all your Custom Client Properties.
  • Live in one of the selected Zipcodes – This filter drops down a list of all the zip codes that your business services.
  • Has Primary/Any sitter as one of the selected sitters  – The drop down box will allow you to choose ANY sitter, and the filter drops down a list of all your Active Sitters.
  • Has Agreed to/Not agreed to the policy agreement – The drop down box will let you select Not agreed to, and the filter will show any dates of reset policies.
  • Signed up between dates – This will display any Clients that have signed up inside a date range.
  • Have no revenue between dates – This filter displays Clients who don’t have revenue between the selected dates. This includes Clients who have scheduled but canceled, as well as Unapproved appointments, and therefore have no revenue for the period.
  • Have revenue between dates  – This filter displays clients that have revenue between the selected dates. This only includes Clients that have Approved Appointments. You also have the option to select a ‘Greater than’ or ‘Less than’ to match a specific amount.
  • Classification – You have the option to set your Clients as Clients, Prospects, or Contacts, in their profile and can generate reports looking only at that classification.

CRE open

From here, you can select the Clients you want to export, write up a Mass e-mail, as well as save that e-mail as a ‘Canned E-mail’, letting you select it, edit it and send it on a later date!

Referral Report

This report shows you how much you’ve made by Referral choice over a period of time. You can export this list out to a .XLS report, if you like.

Referall report

Updated on March 6, 2018

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