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Payment information

If the business is collecting payment for services through Power Pet Sitter, you will see a ‘Payment’ option in your menu.

Client Menu
An example of a Client Menu.

You can add as many payment instances as you’d like, but once entered, you will only be able to edit the address connected with each one. If the card number was put in incorrectly, you will need to delete the payment instance and recreate it with the correct information.

Once information is entered, it is masked for your security. Administrators or staff members with access to charging power will only ever see the last 4 digits.

A full list of accepted card types
A full list of accepted card types

Credit Card Security

Power Pet Sitter takes Credit Card security very seriously, and all credit card information is masked and encrypted to the highest standards of current PCI compliance rules and regulations. Credit card information is not stored on the PPS database, instead being held by customer profiles that are created in Authorize.net or Square Processing, respectively. PPS uses a token, connected to that card information, to engage the charging process through the payment gateway.

Updated on July 5, 2021

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