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Your landing page and what’s on it

Your landing page is the first page you see when you ‘land’ in the software after logging in. The landing page holds all your appointments – past, current and future. If you do not have any appointment history, you will see text saying so, and inviting you to schedule an appointment.

Click this button to start the scheduling process.

This ‘Add Appointment’ button will stay with you as you scroll through this page. You can find help on how to schedule an appointment here.

Appointment Tiles

These tiles tell you all the immediate information about your appointment:

  • Start and End date
  • Appointment Name
  • Appointment ID Number
  • Status
  • Indication of if the appointment is recurring.

You can see more information by clicking ‘View Summary’ or clicking the stacked dot Icon for actions.

Under the stacked dot icon, you have a few options.

  • Edit
  • View Appointment Details
  • Cancel

This allows you to edit your appointment, if the appointment has not started.

If your appointment has started, the Edit option will simply let you see your cart for that appointment, and not allow any action to be taken.

The View Details page will give you a more detailed breakdown of the appointment and provides several options, such as Chat and the ability to rate a completed visit.

This page also allows you to cancel an uncompleted individual visit, under the stack dot icon, as long as you are not doing so inside the businesses set scheduling restrictions.

This screen shows:
Service name, date and time block scheduled in
Any add ons and the pet receiving the services if selected
Sitter who is assigned
Price of individual visit
Timeline of appointment from creation to completion
Chat (If enabled)
Rate and Review – details below

The cancel option shown on the landing page will attempt to cancel the appointment in whole. If you would like to cancel an individual visit, click ‘View Details’, find your visit, and click ‘Cancel’ under the stack dot icon provided.

If it is too late to cancel, a message stating so will show. How soon or late you can cancel is up to the business and their scheduling restrictions.

A view of the View Details page:

This Visit has been completed and is now eligible for a rate and review.
An empty Rate and Review page with 3 1/2 stars already selected.

Star Ratings and reviews are only shown to the sitter in question and the business owner/management. These reviews are not public and are for internal training and reward purposes only.

Updated on June 24, 2021

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