Calendar Tab Overview

This tab allows you to see a daily detailed layout of the current day’s schedule with details, such as Sitter rates of pay, including Add-ons. Clicking on an appointment will redirect you to the Manage Appointment page, and hovering your mouse over a Visit will give you our ‘Tool tip’

This tooltip allows you to quickly and easily reassign sitters to a visit. Has something happened to Susie, and you need Barb to take that visit? No problem! Just select Barb’s name from the drop down list, and the system will swap out not only the assignment, but also the rate of pay that the new sitter should get.

Clicking on a sitter’s name will take you to a calendar with just their information, as well as a ‘Month View’ option for that sitter.


If an appointment has any zip code, exception or overbooking conflicts, they will appear in red Appointments with no conflicts will appear in black.

Updated on June 8, 2018

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