Business Tab Overview

The business tab sets up the structure of your business and determines all the options and dropdown menus that will populate for you and your clients. We will be going through each line to detail what it does.


Clicking into this page will send you to your Business Settings. This tab allows you to set your business information, website address, and logo. It also allows you to set QuickBooks login and set maximum and minimum times for scheduling and cancelling.

Company Profile:

Enter information about your company, including business name, address, phone numbers and website addresses. This information will appear on your unique Power Pet Sitter login page and in the banner at the top of the program when logged in.

The Homepage URL (When filled out) will provide a link at the top right of your page for people to see upon logging in. The Ending URL will be the website that users are redirected to upon logging out of the software.

You will upload your company logo here. This image will show in the top left hand corner of the screen for everyone who logs into your business. The image may not be more than 150 x 100 pixels. (That’s width by height.)

Sales Tax: 

If you live in an area where tax is charged on services, this is where you will designate the sales tax that will be applied to visits. You can set which services and add-ons will be taxable in your Services.

Payment Options:

This box will allow you to indicate what kind of payment options that your business will accept. Payment options that you select here will show up in the client profile as options for individual payment. If you want your business to only accept credit cards, make sure that the appropriate check box is checked. With this selected, you can still accept other forms of payment from individual clients by moving them from the Client list to the Override list.


If you decide to only accept credit cards, clients that are not in this override list are required to have a credit card on file. If they don’t, you will not be able to approve appointments for that client until either they have a credit card or are in the Override list.

Scheduling Restrictions:

This box allows you to set a minimum and maximum time in advance that you want to allow Clients to schedule an appointment. You can also set a minimum cancellation period. A client will not be allowed to schedule or cancel an appointment within these established time frames. These restrictions are for the Client only. Administrator and Staff with the appropriate privileges can still schedule and cancel within these periods.

Clients cannot book or modify something the same day as the appointment start date, regardless of the restrictions. That ‘same day’ time begins at midnight, EST.

E-Mail Tag:

There will be various times that PPS will send out an e-mail from your business, such as confirmation e-mails. This box allows you to set a logo or image at the end of those e-mails, with the option of having that image also serve as a link when clicked. You will not ‘upload’ the image. Instead, the URL address is a path that leads to the location of the image.

Miscellaneous Options:

We’ll address the check boxes first.

  • When emailing confirmations to staff, show staff rate‘ – If you would like your sitters to see their pay rate in the confirmation e-mails, select this box. If left Unselected, Client rate of Charge will show.

    On appointments that have multiple sitters, only the pay rate of the sitter receiving the e-mail will appear. Other sitter rates will be blank, keeping your sitters from seeing what others make on a shared appointment.

  • Show Time blocks in confirmation emails‘ – This check box allows you to show the time blocks of the visits in each confirmation e-mail as well as controls if your client’s see Time blocks on their Summary Pages.
  • Require clients to agree to policy at login‘ – This box will force your clients to click ‘I Agree’ on your policy when they log in. We will set your policies in the Policy subtab under your Business tab.
  • Do not send invoice emails to clients‘ – This box allows you to decide if your Clients get a receipt of charge when you run their credit cards.
  • Enable Check-In Feature for Mobile App‘ – This check box enables our Check In Feature, allowing your sitters to check in and out with the mobile application. It will adjust how you see your Services, allowing you to set a Min Visit Time.
  • Enable Minimum Service Time Notification for Mobile App‘ – When this box is selected, the Admin will get a notification every time a sitter checks into and marks complete a visit that hasn’t met the Minimum Service Time.
  • Enable notification for visits not completed/not checked in‘ – These notifications works in tandem with the Check in Feature. Selecting it allows the Admin to receive a notification every time a visit is not Checked into, or Marked as complete, by the end of the scheduled time block. Once enabled, Admins can then mark in a Sitter’s profile if they want the sitter to also receive the notification. Sitters will only get notifications for their visits.
  • Hide Register link‘ hides the register link on your Login page. This does not inactivate that URL, so if you have it connected to a button on your business website, you will need to also keep that in mind.
  • Enable Mobile for Clients‘ – Selecting this box will allow Clients to login to the mobile application, as well as reveal three additional options. Clients use the same App that Admin and Sitters do. There is no way to only allow specified clients to login to the mobile application. (Manuals for Clients around this feature is soon to come!)
    • Enable Push Notifications for Clients‘ – Selecting this box will allow the system to send mobile based notifications. This includes ‘Email’ (Notification of visit complete) and ‘Phone’ (Notification of Chat message received)
      • Clients will be able to effect these in their profile.
    • Enable mobile chat ‘ – When you select this box, you will also see a new dropdown box with some options in it. PPS provided these options so that Users could decide how much access they wanted to allow –
      • Chose to enable chat for all Clients and individually select your sitter access
      • Chose Enable Chat for All sitters and individually select your client access
      • Chose Enable for Sitters and Clients to enable the chat feature for everyone, and individually adjust who you don’t want to have access.
      • Clients and Sitters without permissions cannot see this flag and cannot change it.
    • Allow users to see Map/GPS Check-In info‘ –  Selecting this box will set all Clients to be able to see the Check in-Check out time, as well as the GPS location capture. You will be able to toggle this view on and off via the Mobile Permissions in the Client’s profile. Clients will view this in the same place sitters and Admin do.

Every night, each active sitter will receive their schedule via e-mail for the upcoming days. Here in the drop down box, you can set how many days of scheduling they will receive.

To finish filling out the miscellaneous options, you have the option to add links to social media to your primary login page. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are all open options and each will add their appropriate icon under the login fields.

Quickbooks Login:

Many business owners use QuickBooks Online for their accounting software and it is the only accounting software that Power Pet Sitter can integrate with. In no way are you required to use QBO in order to use Power Pet Sitter. However, if you do plan on using QuickBooks Online, please contact our support team at so that we can link your accounts.


PPS services Canada and the United States. We can only integrate with the US instance of Quickbooks Online.

Information about QuickBooks can be found at their site:

Payment Gateway: 

Power Pet Sitter can charge credit card payments for client invoices. If you would like to be able to use credit cards, you will need to apply for a merchant account. The three providers that Power Pet Sitter integrates with are Sage Processing,, and TransFirst. Your rates will be based on your personal credit score.

Pet Types

This page is where you’ll create a list of the types of pets that your business services.

Enter the type of pet into the text box and click the Add button to start populating your list. These pet types will appear in a drop down menu inside the Pet Information area of the pet profile for selection.

Time Blocks

This page will allow you to define and title the blocks of time that you will be offering services. You cannot define your services without at least one time block.

If you would like to enter a time block for an overnight visit, enter the appropriate start time and set the ending time to 11:59. This will tell the system that this time block is an Overnight and that time block will be established to run from start time until 6 am the next morning, automatically.

Plan it out!

Once you create a time block, you cannot delete it without deleting every appointment that it has ever been used in. You can edit it to reflect a new need or to inactivate it.

Timeblocks are only allowed to be inactivated if they do NOT have any visits scheduled in the time block for current or future dates. When a timeblock is inactivated, it will turn grey on the Time blocks page, and will not be shown to Clients or Staff, or as available to be scheduled inside of. Inactivated time blocks will also be auto removed from any Services that might specify it.


This page allows you to define the services that your business will provide. Remember, you cannot set a service without having at least one time block created.

Setting your Services up: When you create a new service, there are several decisions you will need to make as you fill out each spot.

  • Select a title for your service and set a base system wide price for it.

You can be flexible!

You may override this service price for an individual Client in their profile by setting a Custom Client Price. You can also override this price inside the appointment management screen when scheduling. Any New or regular Clients without the override price will be charged the amount you set here in your services page.

  • If you would like to charge a few dollars extra for those clients who have multiple pets, you would put the price per additional pet in the appropriate box.
  • Holiday Surcharge – If you set any specific dates into your Holiday Calendar (i.e. the 4th of July, Easter, etc.) this check box allows you to automatically charge that surcharge per appointment.
  • Discounts – This check box allows you to control whether a service can be discounted. If this box is not checked, even if a Client has a standing discount policy, they will not be able to use that discount on that specific service.
  • The Private Checkbox  allows you to ‘hide’ a service from Client view. These will be services that only the Administrator can schedule. One suggestion for this option is for Staff training purposes, so that you can track both time spent and money earned.
  • Inactivating a Service – It is important to note that once a service has been created and used an in appointment, even once, it cannot be deleted. This check box allows you to inactivate a service and remove it from the scheduling screen, but there is no way for a permanent deletion. A way around this is to ‘Edit’ the unwanted service and change what’s needed to make it a useful service option.
  • Taxable – This check box allows you to determine whether the system automatically charges taxes on a service or not. You can set your tax rate in your Settings Subtab, under Business.
  • Min Time Service – If you have ‘Enable Check in Feature on Mobile App’ selected in your business settings, you will see this field. This will be the set minute length of a visit. Admins will be sent a notification if any sitter checks in and marks a visit complete that does not meet the Min set time.
  • Assign the time blocks that you want this service to be available in. If you don’t select any time blocks, then all of the time blocks you’ve created will be applied as options to this service. If you’d like to select 2 or more time blocks, hold down the ‘ctrl’ key (for PC) or the ‘Command’ key (for Macs). If more than one time block is selected for this service, the scheduler will be prompted to select which time block they want the service to be completed in.
  • Add the description for your service. This description will appear when a mouse is held over the ‘More Info’ link as shown in the image below. This tells the client exactly what the service is.

The orange Up and Down arrows on your Services screen allows you to decide the order in which the services are displayed on the scheduling screen.

Service Add-ons: Power Pet Sitter allows you to add additional sub services, or Add-ons, to your primary services. These add-ons also cannot be deleted if they’ve been used in an appointment, but you can edit them to reflect new needs. You will fill out these boxes the same way you would for primary Services.

If you select Pet Specific, the scheduler will be prompted to choose which pet will receive the additional attention or service.

If you want to inactivate an add-on, you can do so by ‘editing’ it and selecting the inactivate check box, removing it from the scheduler screen all together. Again, the description will be shown when a client or scheduler mouse’s over the ‘More Info’ wording during scheduling. This additional sub-service and price will be shown in the appointment management screen.

This will allow you to be more client-specific with your services and options.

Custom Questions

This page allows you to set custom questions that are unique to your business. Clicking on the ‘Add New Question’ Button will bring up a prompt that looks like this:

After you have typed your question in, you can select what kind of question it is. You can set 3 different types of questions:

  • Client Based – Client based questions will populate in the Client’s profile and at the bottom of printed client information page.
  • Pet Based – Pet based questions will populate at the bottom right hand column of the Pet profile.
  • Service Based – A Service based question will be specifically applied to the Service of your choosing, that will be included in the drop box. Any time that service is scheduled, the scheduler will be prompted to answer the custom question before they’re allowed to complete the scheduling process. This Service Based question will also appear at the bottom of the printed Client information page, but only after the client has scheduled that service.

After defining the type of question you’re asking, you will decide if the Client will input a free-from answer or if they will select from a drop-down list of pre-defined answers. In order to create the list of pre-defined answers, type each answer that you want to apply into the appropriate text box and hit the ‘+’ sign. This will move the optional answer into the list, shown in the box below it. Mark the ‘*’ box when inputting an option, if you’d like to prompt the Client to enter more information in a text box when making this selection in the drop down menu you’ve created.

Be sure to save your questions.

The orange UP and DOWN arrows allows you to organize the order in which these questions are shown during their application.


This page allows you to set your unique business policies. A list of areas where each of these policies will appear is on the left of your screen. Please be sure to save each policy before clicking to the next.

  • Setting AppointmentsThis appears in screen view when scheduling appointments.  Suggested information to place here might be your payment policy, surcharge policy, etc.
  • Reviewing AppointmentsThis appears in screen view when reviewing client appointment history.
  • Cancellation Email: After canceling a reservation in Power Pet Sitter from the Client’s ‘Review My Appt’s page, a confirmation of cancellation email is sent to you and the client.  Here you would create a message that is included in this email.
  • Confirmation Email: After approving a reservation, you can send a confirmation email to the clients and sitters.  Here you would create a message that is included in this email.  You can start the statement with, “We are confirming your appointment for the above dates…” and go from there.
  • Too Late to Cancel: Remember back in the first step under your Setting Tab you created your restrictions where you set minimum and maximum times for client scheduling and canceling?  If a client tries to cancel inside of the settings, the statement name here will be displayed to the client.  For example, “We require 24 hour notice for cancellations, please call the office to cancel your appointment …”.
  • Too early / too late to Schedule: Same concept as above.  If your clients are trying to sneak in a last minute pet sit, you have the scheduling blocked and you can use this policy statement to remind your client of your Late Booking Fee.
  • Home Page: This is the statement that appears above the login credentials of your unique Power Pet Sitter login page.
  • Policy Agreement: Copy and paste your entire Business Policy Agreement here.  When new clients are attempting to register themselves into your account, they will be required to agree to the policy provided here.  For existing clients, or clients that you set up, they will have access to the policy from their profile. The policy agreement will appear at the bottom of every client profile when the customer is logged. There will be a link, ‘Click here to read our Policy Agreement’, for clients to review your agreement at any time. Once this link has been activated, a text box containing the policy will appear. Above the box will be a link for the customer to print the agreement if they’d like.
But how do you easily know who hasn't agreed?

For current clients that have not read the policy, a document icon will appear at the top of their profile and beside a scheduled appointment in your appointment tab. Once the client logs in and reads the policy, these icons will go away.

  • Login Instructions:  This is the statement that appears below the login credentials of your unique Power Pet Sitter Login page.
Zip Codes

This subtab allows you to define the zip codes that you work in. You may add them in individually, or search by City and State for a populated list for you to choose from. Individuals registering themselves will be prompted to input a zip code. If that zip code isn’t in your selected list, the client will receive a message stating that you don’t service that area. Make sure to put all the ones you need in this list!

Your staff will have the ability, through their Staff Profiles, to select which zip codes out of this generated list they are willing or available to work in. When a client books an appointment, a list of available sitters that have selected the Client’s zip code as one they’re willing to service, will appear for an administrator to assign them to the appointment.


This tab allows you to generate all the veterinarians that are in your area. You may enter the veterinarians yourself, or this list will automatically populate anytime a client enters information for a new vet for their pet. The veterinarians in this list will appear in a drop down menu for selection within a client’s pet information area of the client profile.

Once you hit the ‘add’ button, you can put in your Vet information.

When you hit ‘save’, this Vet entry will be posted on your list in blue, as shown above. You may also run a Veterinarian report from under your Reports Tab: 

Price Changes

This page allows you to change the prices across the board, be it for Increases or Decreases. Simply answer the questions accordingly and hit the ‘change prices button’.

If you want to update the price on a single service, please do so from the Services page.

Referral Choices

This page allows you to generate a list of how they heard about your services. In every Client profile, there is a drop box that looks like this: 

That list is populated from the list you will create here in your Referral Choices. To generate this list, click the ‘Add Item’ button. A new choice will appear as ‘Double Click to Edit’: 

Select the checkbox in front of the referral choice if you would like for more specific information regarding this referral option to be entered. For example, if you have “Veterinarian” as a choice, you may want to know the name of the veterinarian.

To alphabetize the list of Referral choices, select one of the sources and hit ‘Sort’. If you do not select one of the choices, you will get a pop up error like so: Within your Reports tab, you will be able to run a report that shows a list of Clients, using these referral choices as its filter.

Custom Client Properties

This page allows you to create True/False properties for your clients that can be used in your Client Report Engine filters. This can be used for keeping track of if they’re in an apartment or house, if they’re on one side of town or the other, or to keep track of alternate payments – I.E. Someone who might pay with Square.

This can be used for various things, from marking a profile as being managed by a specific user, to whether the Client has read the policies, or wants to keep a key on file at your office. It is a versatile section of the software.

You will check these properties as true in a client’s profile, found under Client Properties. If left unchecked, it will not apply to that Client.

Account Information

This page will allow you to manage your business package, update your billing address, review previous payments to Power Pet Sitter, as well as close your account.

Power Pet Sitter is dedicated to providing flexibility in our payment options as well. Base Packages and higher are allowed to purchase ‘A La Carte’ sitters, or sitters on the side. This allows you to have up to two extra people, without being asked to upgrade to the next package!

Any questions about billing can be sent to


This page allows you to set defined holiday dates and automatically apply a surcharge for them. Holiday/Weekend surcharges will show in the appointment total in the manage screen as Holiday/Weekend Surcharges. In the summary page, you will see the surcharges appear listed below the services as it applies to each service. You will also see the surcharge on the staff schedule listed below the applicable services. Be sure to indicate in the sitter profile, the percentage of the surcharge rates that they will receive.

You must put in all dates manually, as PPS doesn’t integrate with a holiday populated calendar.

To set up Weekend Surcharges:

  • Check for the surcharge to apply to Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • Select if this surcharge will be a dollar or percentage amount.
  • If you would like for the dollar surcharge to apply to multiple visits scheduled by the client on the weekend day, place a check in the box “For Dollar, amount applies to multiple visits on the same day”.
  • Input in the text box the amount (either dollar or percentage) of the weekend surcharge. You do not need to include $ or % signs.
  • Check the “Apply discounts” box if you would like for client discounts to also apply to the weekend surcharge.
  • Click the Save button.

For Holiday Surcharges:

  • Enter the date of the upcoming holiday.
  • Input a brief description of the holiday.
  • Select if the surcharge will be a dollar or percentage amount.
  • If you would like for the dollar surcharge to apply to multiple visits scheduled by the client on the specified day, place a check in the box “For Dollar, amount applies to multiple visits on the same day”.
  • Check the “Apply discounts” box if you would like for client discounts to also apply to the holiday surcharge.
  • Input in the text box the amount (either dollar or percentage) of the holiday surcharge. You do not need to include $ or % signs.
  • Click the Save button, and the holidays will appear in a list below.

In reviewing the holiday, you will see:

  • the date
  • the amount (percentage or dollar value)
  • pct? – (percent) true if the surcharge is a percent, false if not a percent.
  • $ every visit? – true if you marked the “For Dollar, amount applies to multiple visits on the same day” box, false if you did not.
  • Apply discount? – true if you marked the “Apply Discount” box, false if you did not.
  • Description/Title of the holiday.
  • Active? – true if the surcharge is active and will be applied, false if not.


You cannot edit a saved date. If you need to make an adjustment, please ‘Delete’ the date, per the button at the bottom of your populated box, and recreate the Holiday.

 This completes your Business Tab!

Now, your business is all set up and ready to serve your clients with the appropriate information!

Updated on December 10, 2019

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