Basic Account Overview

Welcome to using Power Pet Sitter!

You’ve chosen a flexible, innovative scheduling software that will expand and grow with you. In order to understand everything that Power Pet Sitter can offer you, we must start with the basics.

Logging in:

When first signing up for a trial, you are given a unique business URL. This URL will be in your welcome e-mail and is the link you will give existing clients and active sitters. You can link this to your personal website if you like.

The administrator, sitters and clients will all use the same login page. You will be able to modify your login page to display your company information and any other message or instructions that you’d like to put. Administrators and Staff members must check the ‘Check if Staff’ box in order to successfully log in.

Tab Overview Breakdown:

The initial tabs that Admin have on their navigation bar from left to right are as follows:

  1. Business – This tab holds all your company information and will be the most important when you’re first setting up.
  2. Users – This tab will allow you to manage all your client and staff users, along with adding in new users and exporting client/staff information.
  3. Appts – This tab allows you to manage your appointments and will always be the tab that you see upon first logging in.
  4. Recurring – This tab will hold a list of all your recurring appointments.
  5. CC – This tab will allow you to manage charging invoices and marking them as paid.
  6. Staff Sched. – This tab allows you to review your staff schedules, either individually or as a whole.
  7. Calendar – This tab allows you to look at a day to day system wide schedule, as well as do quick change assignments for sitters.
  8. Visits – This tab allows you to mark visits as confirmed and also to mark visits as completed. This is used by staff members only and never by clients.
  9. Reports – This tab allows you to run various reports about Clients, Staff and Business Data.

Additionally, once you Enable Quickbooks, you will also have a ‘QB Trans’ tab. Please follow the links to details on each tab and page it holds.

10. QB Trans – If you are going to be using QuickBooks Online, this tab will show you the invoices and allow you to reprocess failed items, along with search for transactions.

These links go over everything that is detailed out in our PPS User Manual.


How do I start scheduling?

Please take a look at our How to Schedule Appointments page.

How can I test assigning sitters if I can’t add sitters in my trial?

The Administrator profile is displayed and can be set just like a non-admin sitter profile. You can schedule the admin in for visits and as the primary sitter. There is no change in functionality outside of what you have access and permissions to see and edit.

Will I be paying per Client Profile with PPS?

No. You can have as many clients as you like. Paying for Power Pet Sitter is paying for groups of Staff Profiles, along with the secure storage and compilation of your business records.

Updated on May 3, 2021

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