Appointment Tab Overview

This is the first tab an Admin User will see upon logging in. This tab will allow you to search for and manage any appointment.


Status: Select the type of appointment you want to search for from the drop down menu and that type of appointment will populate underneath.

  • Unapproved
  • Approved
  • Cancelled/Rejected
  • Completed
  • Contains unconfirmed Visits

Date Range: Provide a date range within which you would like to search for an appointment.

 Appointment #: You may pull up a single appointment directly by entering the appointment number here and selecting to “Search” for that appointment, or be taken directly to the manage screen by selecting the “Manage” button. ‘Summary’ will send you to a detailed summary of the appointment.

Clicking on the Client’s name will redirect you directly into their profile. If you’d like to look at all the appointments for a client, either

a) Search for them via the Users tab and click ‘Review’ OR

b) Access the profile and use the Drop-down box provided to click on ‘Review My appointments’.


You may see various icons on the Appointment page as well, regarding what your client may or may not have on file. Hover your mouse over these icons in the system to read their meaning.

Client has not agreed to the business policy

Credit Card expired or expires in less than 30 days

No Credit Card on file

Appointment contines unapproved visits.

There are client notes (found on the summary page) on this appointment.


Updated on June 8, 2018

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