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PPS 2020 Migration FAQ

Migration FAQ’s:

What information will be migrated to the new version of Power Pet Sitter?

Power Pet Sitter will automatically migrate the following information:

  • All Active Clients and client information that have revenue with your business in the past 5 years, as well as any custom rates you may have in for them, and their credit card information, upon request.
  • All Client’s Pets, that are active. This will include Custom Questions and their answers.
  • All Staff Active Staff information.
  • All Active Time Blocks
  • All Active Services and Add-ons. This will include descriptions and settings.
  • All Pet Types
  • All preferences and information from your Business Profile.
  • All Current and forward Holiday dates, as well whatever Weekend Surcharge settings you have.

This will not include any appointment or financial information.

It will also NOT include Client ID numbers, or the ‘Locations of’ for: Breaker Box, Water Shutoff, Cleaning Supplies, Mail/Newspaper, Lights/Blinds, watering plants, thermostats, and the alternate trash fields.

Will all my appointment history be migrated to the new version of Power Pet Sitter?

No. As we’ve rebuilt the software from the ground up, things are compiled differently, and so we cannot migrate your historical appointment information.

Will I still be able to access historical information?

Not in the new system, no, though Power Pet Sitter will retain those records. We suggest you export any financial information that you need, or recreate current appointments in the new system so that you have a record of what a specific Client might want. PPS Support will still be able to provide any historical information you might need.

How long will I have access to the previous version of Power Pet Sitter after I migrate over?

We will be keeping the previous version of Power Pet Sitter online and accessible until we successfully get everyone over on and comfortable with the new version of Power Pet Sitter. We will be providing a timely notice before deactivating the previous version of Power Pet Sitter, so that owners can gather and export whatever additional information you might want!

Changes you may have to make or be aware of:

If you charge Holiday rates on a Percentage Amount...

The New Power Pet Sitter does not allow for Holidays to be by percentage. The numerical values will be moved over, but if you charge a percent in your Holiday or Weekend Surcharges, you will need to alter them to match the appropriate Dollar Amount.

If you have a staff account and a Client account with the same e-mail address...

The New Power Pet Sitter has been set up for e-mail verification, to better support Password recovery. Due to some users having the same e-mail address in multiple accounts, we’ve provided you the ability to login using your Username, instead of your email address. New Sitters or Clients will be required to register with their email address, as that will be their ‘username’.

If you have a Annual Subscription to Power Pet Sitter...

Power Pet Sitter will not be providing an annual option going forward. If you currently have an annual package, we will ask that you go to a monthly charge only when your annual package expires. We will continue to honor all current annual packages with no change until renewal!