Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions from Power Pet Sitter Admins, staff members, and clients.


Administrator FAQ’s:

How do I update a password?

You will update your password, Admin, staff or client, inside your profile. For Staff and Clients, you will find your profile in the ‘Edit My Info’ tab on the left of your tabs bar. For Admin, you will need to access your Users tab in order to reach your profile. In the Search by line, select ‘Staff’, type in your name or e-mail address and hit search. Type in your new password and confirm it before hitting save.

How do I delete or inactivate a Client or Staff Profile?

PPS doesn’t allow for profiles to be deleted so as to keep the integrity of your appointment records. You will inactivate these profiles from within the profile page. For staff members, you will find the check box tilted ‘Inactivate’ under Staff Information. For clients, you will find the same check box under ‘Client Status’.

How do I set a Staff Member's permissions?

New Staff members will be defaulted to no permissions. The permissions box can be found in the staff profile. Details of each permission option is found here.

How do I set a Staff Members rate of pay?

You will set your staff’s rate of pay in their profile. You can do this by dollar amount or percentage of visit total and can pay a different amount for a different service, should you choose to.

How do I charge a client's credit card?

You will charge your credit card clients in one of two places. The CC tab will list out the appointments that need to be charged. Select the appropriate boxes and click on ‘Submit Checked Items’. The screen will update with the return messages from your Payment Gateway and you will receive an e-mail detailing out the success or failure of the batch, along with their totals.

How do I process a refund?

You will process a refund from your Payment Gateway. Access your Merchant account, find your transaction and follow the on screen buttons and prompts to void or refund a charge. Only Sage Processing allows refunds from inside the PPS software.

How do I add or delete a credit balance?

Access the client’s profile through your User Tab. Find the ‘Credit Balance’ field. Adjust the amount as needed. You must hit save for the changes to take effect.

Note: If you are using Quickbooks Online, you will need to manually add this credit to that Client’s profile in QBO, in anticipation of collecting proper payment. 

How do I view a client's credit balance?

You can view individual credit balances by accessing the Client Profile or visiting the ‘Manage Appointment’ page for any unapproved visit. You can also run a report titled ‘Credit Balances’ from your Reports tab. This will show you every client who’s got a credit and how much it is.

How do I charge an appointment again if I do process a refund?

If you charged a Client incorrectly and need to charge a specific appointment again, please contact Support at support@powerpetsitter.com. We will mark the appointment as unpaid, allowing you to charge it again.

How do I renew my QBO connection keys?

Quickbooks has a security feature that demands you renew your connection keys every 6 months.

You will need to log into your Quickbooks accounts in one browser tab, and log into Power Pet Sitter in another.


  • Select Business Tab.
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down until you find the Quickbooks block.
  • Click on the Intuit Logo

This will create a pop up window that will ask you if you want to authorize a connection between your accounts. Click Authorize. When the pop up disappears, click on ‘save’ in your settings.

Your keys have now been renewed and you can reprocess the erred invoices in your QB Trans tab. Please note: It is suggested that you only move ten to 15 instances at once to avoid dropped data.

Staff FAQ’s:

How do I update my personal information?

You will update your password, contact information, zipcodes and exception hours through your profile. Your profile is found under the ‘Edit Info’ tab.

How do I View my schedule?

Using the username and password that the business owner set up for you, and making sure to check the ‘Check if Staff’ box, log in. You will default to the ‘My Sched.’ screen. Select the date range that you would like to see and click Continue. You can also do a day view or a month view from your Calendar tab.

How do I block myself off as unavailable or off?

You will do this from your ‘Edit Info’ tab. At the bottom, you will find our Exception Hours fields. For single or ‘day to day’ hours, check off the Day and put in the hours you are unavailable. For continuous time off, like a vacation or holidays, use the lower half of the box. Your exception hours will be logged in the bottom ‘Current Exception’ list, where you can delete ones that are no longer valid. Please note: If you are unavailable until X pm, you will put X:59 as your end time. This allows you to be available for the following time block that start at X:00.

How do I run my payroll report?

You will do this by accessing the ‘My Reports’ tab. Click ‘Service Summary Report’ and enter the date range you would like to run.

Please note: Visits that are not marked as complete will not be included in this report. You must mark a visit as complete in order to claim it on this report.

How do I mark visits off as confirmed?

Select the ‘Visits’ tab. Click ‘Show Unconfirmed Visits’. Select the visits you would like to confirm and hit ‘Mark Visits as confirmed’.

How do I mark visits off as complete?

You will also do this by clicking the ‘Visits’ tab. Hit ‘Show Uncompleted Visits’. Select the visits you would like to mark as complete and hit ‘Mark Visits as complete’.

How do I view Client Info for a visit?

There are three ways to do this.

1) Use your nightly e-mailed schedule. Click the blue ‘Click Here’ link. This will create a popup with the Client information.

2) Access your schedule through your Schedule page. Select your date range. When the page populates, click the round blue button. This will create the same popup.

3) Access the Mobile Application. All upcoming visits are shown there, as well.

How do I view Visit notes?

You can view the visit notes at the bottom of the Client information page, or your schedule. You can also log into the system and, assuming you are a Primary or Secondary sitter, access the summary page of the appointment and click on the blue notepad icon. 

Client FAQ’s:

How do I login?

If you registered yourself, then you already have your username and password. Access the business’s Power Pet Sitter site and login. If the business Owner registered you and created your profile, please contact them to get your login information.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The first screen you’ll see upon logging in is the schedule appointment screen. This is where you will start.

  • Name your appointment.
  • Select your dates.
  • Decide if this is a one time appointment or a recurring appointment.
  • Hit continue.
  • If the appointment is longer than one day, you will choose whether the schedule for both is the same.
  • Choose the services you would like.
  • Select the time out of those provided for when you’d like the service done.
  • Hit continue.

Once you’re done scheduling, you can review your appointment and add visit notes.

How do I edit or review an appointment?

Click ‘Review My Appointments’ from your navigation bar. This will give you a list of appointments between a defaulted date range that you can look over. Providing there is enough time between the edit and date of service, you can edit the whole appointment by clicking ‘Edit’; OR by clicking ‘View’ and selecting a specific date.

How do I pay for an appointment?

Appointment charges and charges to your credit cards are all controlled by the business Owner. They will bill you according to their billing policy. Clients are not able to decide when they’re paying for what appointment.

How do I update my information, including password, e-mail address and credit card number?

All your information is stored in your profile. Click ‘Edit My Info’ from the navigation bar and edit the fields necessary. Please be sure to hit save.

How can I be sure that my credit card information is safe?

Our servers meet strict data security standards as is verified by our PCI Compliance due to the storage of credit card information on our servers. “The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was launched on September 7, 2006 to manage the ongoing evolution of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards with focus on improving payment account security throughout the transaction process.  The PCI DSS is administered and managed by the PCI SSC (www.pcisecuritystandards.org), an independent body that was created by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.).”
 When you access a PPS account, you will see our PCI compliance certificate at the bottom of the page.  It is a green Trustwave logo that verifies our compliance when you click on it.