Introducing the new PPS Mobile Application!

Keeping you and your pet sitting business on the edge of technology.

It’s no secret that our phones are our lifelines to our digital lives. With everything at your fingertips – from checking your bank account, to getting around town, to managing your daily calendar, why wouldn’t you want to make managing your business and sitters easier?

PPS is here to help. We’re excited to announce our mobile PPS v1 application, available now for download on Apple¬†and Android¬†devices!

But what does it do?

Sitters will be able to:
* View their pending visits for the current day, and in the future.
* Mark visits off as complete, total with timestamp and GPS marker.
* View and edit Client information, like alarm codes or emergency contact information.
* View and edit Pet information, including feeding instructions and medicinal notes.
* Easily take and upload a pet’s picture from their phone. Includes an automatic resizing tool!

Administrators will be able to login and readily see which visits have not been marked as complete, letting you monitor your business and it’s flow, and helping you to ensure every visit is made!

For a downloadable Mobile User Manual, please visit our Support Site.

With more plans to enhance and expand this application, 2016 is a great year to be partnered with the industry’s best scheduling software!

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