Users Tab Overview

Users Tab Overview:

The Users tab is where you will access, modify and manage all your user’s information, from staff members to clients and client’s pets. You will add new clients and staff members here, along with being able to export them into .XLS (Excel) files.Users tab

Adding New Users or Staff Members: Adding profiles is simple. Select the type and hit add. This will drop you into an empty profile of the appropriate type.

User Note: If you’re trying to add a Staff member and get an error message that you have too many active profiles, you will need to alter your account to purchase access to more, or deactivate one of your active sitters.

Export to Excel: Select the values that you want to export and hit ‘export’. This will always generate and download as an .XLS excel file.

Search by: Select the type of profile and input your search term. This can be an email address, a phone number, part of a name, a spouse’s name or a pet’s name. Your results will populate in a list.

This field will be the same in all profiles.Login Profile

Username: This will be what the client or staff member logs in with. It must be unique as PPS doesn’t allow for duplicate usernames. It does not have to be an e-mail address, though you are welcome to use that if you like.

Email: This will be the address that receives all system generated e-mails. You can add more then one e-mail address. Separate them with a comma. The email does not have to be valid, but it must follow the format.

Password: Every profile must have a password. If you do not allow clients to log in and access your site, you can put something simple here that your client’s can change to taste later. The password is never shown in the system and can be updated by those with access at any time.

Names: Names

You have the option to include spouses or partners in the profile, but the first and last name will be what shows in and through appointment information. This will include Quickbooks Online. You cannot use odd characters like asterisks or double quote marks.

Admin Note:Admin Notes

The Admin note field is only seen by Admin, Managers and sitters marked with ‘Approve Appointments’ or ‘Can Search/Edit Client Profiles’. Find out the other specifics of Staff Permissions here.

Phone numbers: Phone numbers

You can input this number any way you like, so long as it follows the standard digit count of ten.

Address: Service Address

Fill out the necessary fields. It’s important to be sure that your client’s zip code is in your Zip Codes list, otherwise you will see a lot of conflicts of ‘mismatched zipcode’ when you schedule this client.

Payment information: payment method

Whatever is selected in your Payment Options in your business settings will display here. PPS will only ever hold ONE credit card number and will always mask the numbers once they’ve been entered. filler

‘How did you hear about us?’: how did you hear

This box is populated with whatever options you may have set up inside your Referral Choices. You will be able to keep track of where your client’s come from, and will be able to run a revenue report on how much you’ve made from each choice.

Credit Balance: Credit Balance

This is where you will add or clear out a credit balance.

Staff Assignments:

Assigning a sitter to either Primary or Secondary sitter can be very useful for a few reasons. The software will automatically populate the Primary sitter into any visits they are available for when the Client is scheduled. If the Primary sitter has exception hours, the secondary sitter will then be populated.Staff Assignments

Primary and Secondary sitters can also view and update their Client’s and pet profiles.

If your Client has not been set to have a Primary/Secondary/Alt sitters, the system will populate in sitter’s names as they are assigned, until all 5 fields are populated.


While you can apply discounts to specific appointments, Power Pet Sitter also lets you set a flat Client discount. The service being scheduled must allow for discounts to be applied in order to be discounted. If set, this discount will show in every Manage Appointment screen in the Client information box.Discounts

Client Status/Classification:

In order to keep the integrity of your appointment records, PPS doesn’t allow for you to delete client profiles. They must be inactivated. Simply select the ‘Client is inactive’ box and save. Inactivate Client


This is where your custom questions will appear. Questions

Client Notes:

Below the custom questions and your business policy, there is a notes section. This is seen by Primary and Secondary sitters, but not the Client.Client Notes

Client Defaults:

This area will allow you to determine if a client will be getting charged an amount other than the price set for the service. Be it more or less than the price, whatever is in this list will override set prices.Client Default

Staff profiles are very much like Client profiles. Things like login information, name and display names, phone numbers and addresses are all the same.

Admin Note:

This note field can only be seen by Admin and staff members with the ‘Can search and edit ALL sitter profiles’ permission selected.

Zip codes:

Sitter’s available zip codes are stored in their profile and they can edit them as needed. The list of available zip codes comes from the list found in the ZipCodes page, in the business tab. Users can add or remove them to a list by selecting the zip code and clicking the appropriate orange button.Zipcodes sitter

This is especially important when you think about scheduling. If a sitter is shown in red with a zipcode mismatch error, they might not have that client’s zip code in their zip codes list.

Staff Information:

This field is where you will put in basic employee information, such as their date of birth, start date and Social Security number.Staff Information

Social Security Numbers: This information will never show inside of Power Pet Sitter. In order to access your staff members SSN, you must first export your staff list.

If input with dashes (IE 123-45-6789), the SSN will show as entered. If not, (IE 123991234), the excel sheet will show a coded text. Click on the cell you’d like to view and look at the text input line for the program. You will see the uncoded social security number.

Staff Type: This is important to note because Power Pet sitter does not allow automatic updates of staff information or the creation of vendor bills into Quickbooks Online for staff members marked as ‘Employee’. Only ‘Vendors’ will move and be updated.

Custom Rates:

This is where you will set your sitter’s rate of pay, per service and add-on that your business has. These amounts is what the software will look at when setting up a sitter’s rate of pay for any appointment.Custom rates

Add-ons are marked with an ellipsis. (…)

Find our Staff Rate FAQ here.

Exception hours:

This is where sitter’s will mark their exception hours. You can see individual sitters by looking into their profile, but you can also find a full, staff wide availability sheet on both the Staff Schedule page and the Reports page.

For single or ‘day to day’ hours, check off the Day and put in the hours you or the staff member are unavailable. For continuous time off, like a vacation or holidays, use the lower half of the box. Your exception hours will be logged in the bottom ‘Current Exception’ list, where you can delete ones that are no longer valid.Exception hours

Please note: If you are unavailable until X pm, you will put X:59 as your end time. This allows you to be available for the following time block that start at X:00.

Administrators will automatically get an email notification that their sitter has put in exception hours and it will show every appointment where that sitter is now having a conflict. This list includes all conflicts, not just exception conflicts.


Only Administrators and managers can set sitter permissions. Find a detailed explanation of each permission here.Admin Permissions


Overbookings are meant to help you control how many visits one sitter gets assigned to in any specific time block.

Let’s face it – your sitters can only do so many visits inside a certain block of time. Setting a limit on how many visits in a time block a sitter can be scheduled before appearing in red lets you know when a sitter is over booked and stops the sitter from populating into spots once they are overbooked.Overbooking


Ranking allows an Admin to quick view the set staff member rank when assigning visits. From 1 to 5 stars, ranking shows in the Manage Appointment screen when assigning a sitter with the corresponding number next to their name. rankranki