Staff Schedule Tab Overview

Staff Schedule Tab

This is a tab that all Admin and Managers will always have access to. Depending on which set of permissions the logged in profile has will determine what information is shown here. The example shown will be of an Admin’s view. This view is also what anyone with ‘Show Staff Schedule’ selected in their Staff Permissions.Staff Schedule

Choose Price Type: You have the option of populate this page and the drop down menu with how much the business has earned during the date range and off each sitter or how much the staff has earned. The highlighted dollar amount is specific to each Sitter and will change to reflect their personal rates , if ‘Show prices earned by Staff’ is selected.

Managers, and anyone who has ‘Show Staff Schedule’ and ‘Hide Pricing totals’, will see this example: Staff Schedule Manager

It is important to note that you can view by individual sitter, which will give you the classic calendar grid:

Full Staff

You can also view all of your staff members at once. You will see something like this:All staff

Last but not least, Sitter time-off Schedule:

This link is also found in your Reports tab. It shows you a full calendar style view of when your sitters have marked themselves off and when they haven’t. Sitter time off

Creating Vendor Bills:

If your sitters are marked as ‘Vendors’ in their profile, Power Pet Sitter allows you the option to create a Vendor Bill that is then sent into Quickbooks. Only Admin and sitters who have ‘Can see Staff Schedule’ but NOT ‘Hide Pricing totals’ selected can generate these vendor bills.

  1. Access your Staff Schedule Tab and select ‘Show Prices earned by Staff
  2. Select your date range.
  3. Select a Staff member.

When the page loads, you will see a ‘Create Vendor Bill’ button. Vendor bill