QB Transaction Tab Overview

QuickBooks Transactions:

Shown in your navigation bar as ‘QB Trans’, this tab houses all the invoices and instances that are moved from Power Pet Sitter into your Quickbooks account. You can also search appointment numbers for a list of instances that were moved over, including the date that they were moved, or if they were deleted.QB Trans

The number will fluctuate as invoices move into and through the tab, but generally speaking, it should be empty. If there is a build up of invoices, that means there’s an err that needs to be tended to. You can find a full list of common errors here, on our QB Trans Error Directory.

You can also use this tab to search what’s been processed or deleted when, in regards to a specific appointment. It will show like so: QBTransmessage

Date Created:  This is the date the invoice was created. This is NOT the date of services in the invoice.

Appt ID: This will correspond with the invoice number you will find in Quickbooks Online.

Types of QB Trans Tab instances:

  • Invoices – Any saved change to an appointment will result in this type of instance.
  • Payments – Any payment taken through PPS will result in this type of instance.
  • Clients – Any save to a Client’s profile will result in this type of instance.
  • Vendor – Any save to a Staff member profile, so long as they’re set as a vendor, will result in this type of instance.
  • Service – Any save or update to a Service or Add-on Service will result in this type of instance.
  • DeletedInvoice – When an appointment is canceled, this type of instance is generated. When moved into QBO, it deletes the invoice but leaves the payment as credit.


  • Pending – Items with this status are waiting to be moved by our automated processing system.
  • Deleted – If any instance is manually deleted from the tab, it will show this
  • Error – If an invoice is errored, the error must be fixed before the invoice can be successfully moved. In most cases, the errors are straightforward. Again, you can find a list of our most common QB Trans tab errors here.