How to schedule and Manage Appointments

How to Schedule and Manage your appointments:

The only two things you need in your account to schedule is time blocks and services. How you craft and name these will be how your clients will see the services and time blocks, so PPS would suggest that you name them in a clear, appropriately consolidated manner. You can find a quick overview of the details here and a video overview for scheduling and managing here.


You will select the client you are scheduling for from your Users Tab. Click Schedule. Schedule

The message in the blue box is 100% customizable. You can edit this block in your Policies page.

  • Name your appointment
  • Select your start date
  • Select your end date and appointment type.

Recurring appointments are appointments that will generate in your Recurring tab. They are automatically built appointments, based on what you select here, that are held in reserve for you, the admin, to schedule them at the appropriate time.

If you have entered a date range that is more then one day, you will be redirected to select which dates need service.Dates

IF YES: You will be redirected to a single page, detailing out the services available.

IF NO: You will be asked to select services for each individual day.

Select Services

Select your services, the time blocks they’re to be done in, and any necessary add-ons. Hit Continue. This will drop you into your Manage Appointment page.Manage Appointment Page

USER NOTE: Staff members set as the Primary or Secondary sitter in the Client’s profile will automatically populate into the visit spots. If no Primary or Secondary sitter is assigned, the sitter field will read ‘assign’. Appointments that have unassigned visits will not be allowed to be ‘Approved’.

If your client is a new client and does not have Primary or Secondary sitters set, the system will populate the sitters that you assign in the Client’s Staff Assignment block (found in the Client Profile.)

Add-on pay is not included in this view of the Staff rate, though you can verify what your sitter is getting paid per add-on by looking at the Calendar.

Once you’ve assigned your sitters, you can scroll down to your pricing box to apply discounts, see subtotals and surcharges or adjust or update a Client’s payment type. If you would like to give a client a specific Service price, this is where you will adjust the service price accordingly. You have three choices of how to save. Pricing Box

Save Current Appt Only: This will alter the current appointment, but not set the price in the client default price list.

Save Prices for Client in Profile only: This will only save the adjusted price into the Client’s default price list. This means that you will charge them the expected amount for this appointment, but the next appointment they schedule will reflect the adjusted price.

Save to both: This saves both the current appointment and applies it in the client profile. You can view and adjust those prices at any time by accessing the Client’s profile and scrolling down to the client default list.

With your sitters assigned and your prices and discounts adjusted, you can now approve the appointment.


You can assign sitters two ways.

For individual visits, click on the sitter’s name in the visit. This will provide you a dropdown menu. It will default to a red list and the words ‘Hide Exception’. This red list shows you every sitter that has an exception, be it a zipcode mismatch, an overbooking, or an exception hour conflict. Select the empty space above ‘Hide Exceptions’ before selecting ‘Hide Exceptions’ again. This will populate a white list, which holds every sitter who does NOT have a conflict.

For every visit in an appointment, use the ‘Assign all visits to’ dropdown box at the top of the calendar portion of the Manage page. The system will automatically populate the staff rate saved in the Staff profile for those services.

Sitters will only be shown in red if they have a conflict of some kind. Hovering your mouse over their name will prompt a pop-up box with an explanation. The conflicts that cause this color change are:

  1. Exception hours conflict – The sitter has blocked themselves off as ‘Unavailable’ for that date/time.
  2. Zip Code Mismatch – The sitter does not have the Client’s zip code in their ‘Available to Work’ list. This can be added via the sitter’s profile.
  3. Overbooking – The sitter is overbooked. You can view the number of visits set per time block in the sitter’s profile.

Your Sitter may not have a rate set for that service in their Staff Profile. Only Admin’s and managers can adjust saved Sitter Rates, and a rate is not automatically set for new services or add-ons.

If you pay your Sitter by a percentage and are sure the sitter has a rate set for a service or add-on – Make sure that your Service has a set price. If your sitter is showing that they are due 0.00 when you’ve just set them to get 45% of something, this means that your service price is also 0.

Power Pet Sitter takes a snapshot of the Service Prices, Staff Rates and Custom Client Defaults when an appointment is created. For the sake of appointment integrity, no changes are ‘retroactive’, meaning that updates will not be reflected in Past Appointments. You must either update the current appointment, or create a new one.

To do this, you must prompt the system to take another ‘snapshot’ of your currently saved prices. From the Manage Appointment Page, click on the ‘Access Scheduler’ button found along the bottom button row of the Calendar portion of the page. This will redirect you into the scheduler.

After selecting the dates that need service, and if the visits will all be the same, simply click continue through the pages until you’re back on the Manage page. You won’t have affected the visits scheduled, and the system will show you the updated prices/rates.

Your services must be set to allow both discounts and surcharges in appointments. Client discounts and surcharges cannot be applied without this being set. Access your Services page, in your Business tab and edit your services as necessary.