How to Merge Appointments

Merging appointments

Power Pet Sitter does allow you to merge appointments. This is especially helpful with clients who have booked multiple overlapping appointments, or when you want to consolidate invoices for your or their convenience.

The ‘Merge’ Button is found in the Manage Appointment screen.Merge

Once you click Merge, the system will generate a pop up asking if you’re sure. After clicking yes, you will move onto this screen.Merge 1

  • Rename the appointment.
  • Select which appointments you would like to merge with the current appointment.
  • Select if you want to add an additional discount, by dollar or percent.
  • Click ‘Merge Selected Appointments’ or ‘Cancel – Return to Manage Appt Page’.

If you choose to merge the appointments, you will be redirected into the Manage appointment page.

Inside your newly merged Manage Appointment page, you’ll now see the option to ‘Unmerge’ the appointments.


Clicking this will unmerge your appointment, return all the appointments to an Unapproved state and cancel the newly created invoice instance.Unmerge notice


Q: What happens to the invoices in Quickbooks when I merge appointments?

A: PPS will send a ‘DeleteInvoice’ instance to QBO, deleting those invoices and replacing it with the newly merged invoice.

Q: If I unmerge, what happens in QBO?

A: If you unmerge an appointment, PPS will send a ‘Deleteinvoice’ instance to QBO and delete the merged invoice. As you go into the now unmerged appointments to reapprove them, the system will generate and send each invoice individually after approval, putting the correct invoices back into your accounting books.