Calendar Tab Overview


Your calendar tab is an easy way to see the details of what you’ve got scheduled for the current date. For Administrators, you can also quickly reassign a specific visit to a different sitter from your Calendar tab.

Sitters: Staff members will default to a day view, but via the buttons at the top reading ‘Day’ or ‘Month’ view as appropriate, they can alternate between the types of display.

Calender Sitter Calendar

All of these visit  instances are clickable. If in the month view, clicking on a visit will redirect you to the day view for that date. Clicking on a specific visit from the Day View page will prompt a pop up tab, with the ‘Print Client Info’. This page displays all the Client and Pet information that the sitter’s profile allows for.

The Day View shows the Sitter what they’re getting paid for each service and add-on service. It will also show them how much they’re receiving on Holiday or Weekend Surcharges.

Admin: Admin do not have a ‘Month View’ option but the Staff Schedule Tab can be utilized to see a broader date range. In the Calendar Tab, things will display much like they do for the sitter.

Admin Calendar

Clicking on a Staff Member’s name will lead you to their personal schedule for the day. Clicking any instance of a visit will redirect you into that appointment’s Manage Screen.

Quick Reassignment: Admin also have the ability to quickly reassign a sitter. If you hover your mouse over a visit, a small window will appear, detailing out the most basic of Client information and providing you a drop box, with your sitters names. 

Tool Tip

You can then select the sitter you want to change to, and click. The system will reassign that sitter to that visit, complete with adjusting the pay rate attached. This ensures you that you can make a quick change without having to worry.

From time to time, you may see a sitter’s name and a visit appearing in Red. This means that there is a conflict within the appointment. Either your sitter has an Exception, the Client’s zipcode isn’t in their ‘Avaliable to work’ list, or the sitter is Overbooked. Once you access the appointment, you can hover your mouse over the sitter’s name and find out specifically which one of these issues is happening.