Audit Reports

Audit Reports, found under the Reports Tab, will hold all information about actions taken in regards to Appointments and Client/Pet Information.

The Activity log is primarily used for seeing the specific details of an appointment or of Mobile Application Activity. You can also do a general search, if you leave all the fields blank.


When left blank, the system will populate a list with the following actions, if they’ve been done:

  • Login attempts – Includes Username and Browser used
  • Confirmations Sent – Includes Sitter/Admin/Client specification and e-mail address
  • Appointment Status Changes – Includes Created Appts, (Re)Scheduled appts, Approved, Unapproved, Canceled and Merged
  • Charges – Credit Card Only
  • Added and Deleted Visits
  • Appointment Saves
  • Visits reassigned through the Calendar
  • Staff rate changes
  • Credit Balances Added/Cleared – This includes both the automatic action by the system, as well as manual action taken by a Staff member.

You can select a specific Sitter from the Staff List and the report will generate only those actions for the Staff.

If you put an appointment number in the Appt field, the system will pull up every action taken in that appointment for the date range that is set.

To see all mobile actions taken, please select ‘Mobile App’ from the ‘Area’ dropbox and select your date range. The software will record and display these actions:

  • Login attempts
  • Client/Pet Profile was Updated
  • Visit has been Checked in
  • Visit has been marked complete
  • Visit has been completed before Min Service Time

Power Pet Sitter doesn’t facilitate refunds, so this report will show you every charge that has been made in the date range that you’ve selected. The report will default to the current date. You can also put in an appointment number, if you want to look at one record specifically.

Charges and Refunds

This report will show you the current amount of credit that each Client has. If a client is not listed, that client doesn’t have a credit balance. Each column is sortable and the ‘Date added’ will refer to the last manual change, or the first automatic creation of the credit.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that the Credit Balances ‘Date Added’ must consult the Activity log for this information, please allow up to 30 seconds for this report to load.

Credit Balances

The key audit report will show you a full sortable Client list, what’s in their key fields, and who is assigned as their Primary, Secondary and Alternate sitters, as well as Last Appointment (With Revenue) and Client Type. This report can be exported into an .xls file for you to download.

Key Audit

The Pet Birthday Report shows you every Client and Pet, along with the type of pet, gender and birthdate. This report can be exported into an .xls file for you to download. Pet Bday

The Quickbooks Credit Card Customer Appointments Report allows you to see every Credit card client’s invoice over a selected date range, along with when it was first created and the last time it was modified. QBO CC Appt

This report shows you the client and all their pets, as well as the pet’s gender, Vaccinations and if they’re current. This report can be exported into an .xls file for you to download.Vacc Report