Appointment Tab Overview

Appointment Tab Overview:

Video Demo: Found here

This is the tab that any admin will automatically log into and will always show Unapproved appointments by default. This allows you to log on and get right to work.Appt Tab

 The drop down box allows you to customize what type of appointment you are looking at. You can search for Approved, Completed, and Canceled as well as ALL types within the date range. You can also sort the populated list by clicking on anything with underlined text in the top of the populated list.

If you are accessing a specific appointment from this page, you must type or paste in the appointment number into the appropriate field. Clicking on Manage will redirect you to the Manage Appointment page. Clicking on Summary will redirect you to the Summary page.

Tab Legend: Power Pet Sitter has three indicators that will show in this tab. Each will tell you what it is, if you hover your mouse over it.

  – Client has not read or agreed to the business policy. This icon will only show up if your have your settings marked to ‘Require Client to agree to Policy at login.’

 – Client has no Credit Card on file. This icon will only show up if you have your settings marked to ‘Accept Credit Cards only’.

 – This means that the appointment in question has unassigned visits. Appointments with unassigned visits cannot be marked as Approved.

 – This indicates that there is a note inside the Manage Appointment screen. This note is for internal business use and cannot be seen or influenced by the Client. Hovering your mouse over the icon will show you the attached note.

For details on how to schedule or manage an appointment, please read our Schedule and Manage how to.