Staff Rates

When you first create a Staff member, it is important to remember to set their rate of pay. Any appointment that a sitter is assigned to will automatically populate that sitter’s rate of pay based on what is in their Custom Rates list.

You will find a sitter’s rates in their profile. Services and Add-on services are differentiated by the ellipses, which are only applied to add-on services. Custom rates

Newly created services and add-ons will always default a sitter’s rate of pay for that service to $0.

Rates when scheduling: As mentioned, the system will populate a sitter’s rate of pay automatically when that sitter is assigned. Any change to a sitter’s rate of pay will not affect already scheduled appointments. Power Pet Sitter will never retroactively apply changes to a staff members rate of pay. When reassigning a sitter, the system will log the assignment change and the rate of pay change if there is one. These can be viewed in the Activity Log.

If a sitter’s rate of pay is manually adjusted from within the appointment, the system will not update that sitter’s rate of pay automatically again unless the visit in question is deleted and readded to the appointment.

Staff Rate FAQ: FAQ