How do I…

You will update your password, contact information, zipcodes and exception hours through your profile. Your profile is found under the ‘Edit Info’ tab.

Using the username and password that the business owner set up for you, and making sure to check the ‘Check if Staff’ box, log in. You will default to the ‘My Sched.’ screen. Select the date range that you would like to see and click Continue. You can also do a day view or a month view from your Calendar tab.

You will do this from your ‘Edit Info’ tab. At the bottom, you will find our Exception Hours fields. For single or ‘day to day’ hours, check off the Day and put in the hours you are unavailable. For continuous time off, like a vacation or holidays, use the lower half of the box. Your exception hours will be logged in the bottom ‘Current Exception’ list, where you can delete ones that are no longer valid. Please note: If you are unavailable until X pm, you will put X:59 as your end time. This allows you to be available for the following time block that start at X:00.Exception Hours 

You will do this by accessing the ‘My Reports’ tab. Click ‘Service Summary Report’ and enter the date range you would like to run. Please note: Visits that are not marked as complete will not be included in this report. You must mark a visit as complete in order to claim it on this report.

Select the ‘Visits’ tab. Click ‘Show Unconfirmed Visits’. Select the visits you would like to confirm and hit ‘Mark Visits as confirmed’.


You will also do this by clicking the ‘Visits’ tab. Hit ‘Show Uncompleted Visits’. Select the visits you would like to mark as complete and hit ‘Mark Visits as complete’.

There are two ways to do this. 1) Use your nightly e-mailed schedule. Click the blue ‘Click Here’ link. This will create a popup with the Client information. 2)Access your schedule through your Schedule page. Select your date range. When the page populates, click the round blue button. This will create the same popup.

You can view the visit notes at the bottom of the Client information page, or your schedule. You can also log into the system and, assuming you are a Primary or Secondary sitter, access the summary page of the appointment and click on the blue notepad icon.